Beer and Stocks Episode 3

Another on location episode, this time while ice fishing at a local lake. Bear with the camera work a little, my son gave it a five star effort but we didnt think to put his gloves on before starting recording. Even at 7 minutes length, 5 degrees Fahrenheit gets cold fast! After taping he warmed up fast on the heater and with a hot bowl of soup!

We only caught one good sized fish but it was a VERY nice perch!

Trades mentioned in this video:




Other Items mentioned in this video:

YTD results on

Story related to bloggers beating analysts on AAPL’s fundamentals

Kid Rock’s Bad Ass Beer

Questions for you the 3-4, people who will see this video:

What do you think of the on locations? Good idea/Bad idea? Other then the shaky camera.

I want to keep the video’s short, but also feel I’m rushing, thoughts on the length?

More in depth analysis on the actual trades? Again due to time constraints, I basically just throw out the P/L and thats it, no real thesis or justification or analysis of the trades.

Any other ideas or random comments on how to improve?


4 thoughts on “Beer and Stocks Episode 3”

  1. Length imho is even too long. I would keep it to under 3 minutes… four max I’d say. Plus the concept of beer/stocks is cool, but unless every episode is going to be on-location in some crazy place, maybe you could also think about how to differentiate the series. Like differentiates itself by awkwardness, etc. Whatever it is that differentiates you… I’m just not catching it yet. Besides that it’s beer and stocks… what should be the main draw for people?

    Keep it short, think of something awesome to differentiate, but overall cool concept. Cheers eh!

  2. Also I think beer and stocks should happen simultaneously, not in two sections. If you combined all your trades and talked about the beer at the same time and did it all in 60 seconds and were funny and everything meshed and was completely hilarious … now that would be differentiation! Also check out other video bloggers like makemebad35 or zefrank or whatever, alright peace!

  3. “Also I think beer and stocks should happen simultaneously, not in two sections. ”

    Good call, I think I’ll go that route.

    I think I’ll take to heart you length ideas to, I’m thinking I should plan and rehearse more and keep it more concise. They tend to go long and wander because I’m doing it all off the top of my head with minimal planning.

    Good input!!

  4. Beers and stocks doesn’t combine ! or do?

    I would prefer you to also speak about your other hobbies, entreperneur, productivity, food, gymn …

    And you as athlet bodybuilder 🙂 drink how many beers per day and week ?


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