Beer and Stocks Episode 2

Something slightly different this week, tried an on location episode! I thought I would arrive at the bar early enough to do a full episode on location, but the crowd and music noise was just to loud, so I quickly just reviewed the beer. For sure a BETA version of on location, still like the idea, just need to prepare better next time.

Really cool Micro Brewery in downtown Grand Rapids – Hop Cat

This weeks beer: Hoppopotamus IPA (6.3%ABV)
Very good, I give it a 4 out of 5!

50 Cent’s Dumbass deleted Tweet

HNHI Chart showing HUGE volume first trading day after 50 Cent’s tweets

3 thoughts on “Beer and Stocks Episode 2”

  1. Thats a tough question to answer in a reply to a comment!! That would deserve a whole series of posts I think!!

    Number one rule is probably to always “be present”.

    Not just physically but mentally.

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