Beer and Stocks Episode 1

PLEASE leave comments! I would really like to get input specifically on the concept of this series of videos. This one may be rough, but I had to start somewhere. Also feel free to ask any questions at the Formspring link on the right sidebar.

Stuff mentioned in this video:

DENT REPAIR the epic video!!

Remember the words of Gulfboy!

Every once in awhile a film comes along that changes everything. This is that film. This is timothybohen’s moment. Watch out Oscar. Casablanca. Gone With the Wind. The Godfather. Forrest Gump. This is DentRepair. Two thumbs way up!

BitterPoetMadman’s tribute to DENTREPAIR!

Dent Repair on – Make sure to read the comments!

Hahahaha YEAAAAH!!! Audio File

First trade of the year – RPRX

Second trade – CHGS

tbohen trade results on

Learn how to short sell,

Founders Brewing Centennial IPA, kind of a bummer first beer reviewed was only mediocre!

Wine Library TV

11 thoughts on “Beer and Stocks Episode 1”

  1. Awesome; what a great idea! For a first video blog, this was really good. I’ll start linking back to your site from my blog and if anyone actually starts reading my blog you could get the hits…lol.

    Here is my constructive criticism.


    1. Very good speaker, didn’t detect any crutch words. Also you spoke in a way that seemed to relate to the view (spoke naturally instead of formally; keep the swear words, like!)
    2. Very happy that the first brewery that you profiled is Founders. They are definitely my favorite brewery, and really put out a superior product. Hopefully you get to profile Dirty Bastard. You’re right, their Centennial is a little different, and you’re probably right about the high alcohol content making it a little sweeter than you’re use to.
    3. I like that you had a can opener as a your bottle opener; seriously! Maybe you could make that your thing, using odd openers to get into your beers.
    4. Drinking out of the bottle. Again, relates to almost everyone, and seems like you’re just a dude that likes beer.
    5. Kudos for doing this at 6 in the morning (if that’s when it was filmed). No better way to start the day.


    1. Say who you are in the initial introduction of each video post. The first mention of who you are isn’t until 4.27
    2. If there is a way to put a curtain on the window behind you, it would block the glare.
    3. It looks like you’re looking to the left of the camera more when you’re talking, not sure if that’s true or not.
    4. If you have a video editing software, when speaking about the stock trades I would have an image of the chart up. That way you could highlight your entrances and or exits. You could do just an image, or have it as a chart on your screen so you can show multiple time frames, show your t/a in real time, etc.
    5. Drinking out of the bottle. If you want to really review the beers, you should take a second to pour the beer into a glass. Not only will the beer taste better and look better, it will give the viewer a chance to see what the beer looks like.

    Great work!

  2. @Mike, Agreed! I have a feedback monitor setup, so I keep catching myself looking at that instead of into the camera. I’ll work on it, but you are for sure right.

  3. haha rprx and chgs. both pos and both I’ve traded.
    How about AVII for Monday? Some say 3.25+ but I say short.

  4. @freebeer, AVII kind of boring, I’d like to see it up more before getting to excited about the short. But I do tell you one thing, I’m interested in shorting them based on the fact that every canned photo on their website is a fat ugly chick! Big short signal! 🙂

  5. Hey man nice first video. I found your video through following Timothy Sykes on twitter. Do you have a video podcast setup through iTunes? Or maybe an audio podcast? If you do/did I would definitely be interested in subscribing to it.

  6. @jasonk, at this time no, but its funny you asked that. That is another project I have kicked around doing for quite some time!

  7. Ummm…… I counted 52 umms no shit 52 go ahead count them I didn’t miss a one! I agree with looking at the camera being an issue I never really noticed you looking directly at the camera even when you were you were off just a bit. When doing interviews in the hunting industry we use a focal point that we attach to the camera for best results as it is very tough to do, it just doesn’t seem natural to talk to a camera lens it may help to put your reference screen you are using off to your left to over top of your camera that would keep you focused in the right direction to avoid looking away from the camera. Also lastly take the 5 minutes to cut your charts into your shot rather than holding them in front of the camera we can see the charts but no in any real detail at all you could leave the audio over them so we could spend a bit of time looking at each chart as you explain this would bring a much more professional approach to the video. Lighting I think is good little glare on your face a little of your wifes powder would take that away no problem 😉

    As far as the beer segment show us a close up of the label and ingredients again digitally cut in even the packaging would be cool to see as you explain its attributes that would also allow you time to look away from the camera if need be 😉

    Ummm…… overall pretty good for your first time around.

  8. @Adam, I hope to slay with “umm dragon” with more practice. I think a lot of that comes from trying to produce and write it in my head on the fly. I hope to be more prepared next time around.

    The charts and beer labels will be cut into the video next round, best excuse I can offer was I was up against the deadline of getting it out this weekend. Had I been on schedule I would have recorded Friday night then edited Saturday. As it was I just wanted to get it out there.

    Thanks for the solid input!

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