Are You Daily or Occasionally?

How I have been able to do what I have done has been a result of a daily pursuit of goals put together for decades in a row.  When you are a “daily,” it is amazing how much you can accomplish in a couple of decades. The secret is not about talent or ability.  The secret was hidden in the little things I was able to do daily that others were not willing to do.  In the end, the secret is quite simple to understand: If you want to lose weight or body fat, eat right daily. If you want to be more physically fit, exercise daily. If you want to be a more technical at whatever it is you do, train something technical daily. If you really want to be a better writer, reader, dancer, parent, worker, etc, you have do those things daily for decades in a row.

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One thought on “Are You Daily or Occasionally?”

  1. Wow is all I can say to that! I am not sure if you wrote that or if it was a quote from some place, but man is that true or what? we live in such a high flying fast paced society we forget if someone wants to be truly great at something they need to put in the time, work, and dedication taking a daily step toward greatness. this is the best post you ve ever done.


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