2 Weeks of part time trading + 2 hours of total work adds up to $3K in profits

Considering only 1 of the 6 trades I consider “managed well”, I’ll take it..

My spreadsheet is way to wide to display on the blog, so obviously click it if you want to see an expanded full view of my trade log.

Also at some point soon my lazy ass will verify these trades on Profit.ly

Book Review: Meat Eater – WSJ.com

“My hands are numb with cold, and a pinched nerve in my shoulder emits a sharp and nagging pain from the weight of my meat and gear. I think of the hardships that I’ve endured in order to live in a way that makes sense to me. Cold, hunger, thirst, labor, exhaustion, loneliness, and fear are just a few things from a long list that comes to mind. Is it strange, I wonder, to willfully suffer for one’s food at a time when it’s completely unnecessary to do so?”

It is completely unnecessary to suffer for our food, it’s true. One needn’t walk farther than the distance of the parking lot to obtain a side of salmon. But as Mr. Rinella points out: “Next time you’re in a grocery store, you’ll notice that farmed salmon actually has an ingredients list.” Isn’t that far more strange?

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Seth’s Blog: Free coffee, next exit

That’s the most effective billboard one can imagine, particularly if it’s typeset properly and if the coffee is good.

Most billboards aren’t nearly as useful, because the wrong service is promoted, or, more likely, because someone saw all that space and worked hard to fill it up.

The same thing is true of most websites. You know so well the why’s and how’s of what you built and how terrific it is, and the thought of using just a few words when a bunch will do is frightening indeed.

No, your solution doesn’t have to be simple or obvious. But the story about what it accomplishes does.

The goal of a marketing interaction isn’t to close the sale, any more than the goal of a first date is to get married. No, the opportunity is to move forward, to earn attention and trust and curiosity and conversation.

Simple, clear and actionable.

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Fox News Should Watch Dancing with the Stars « blog maverick

Simple solution Mark, don’t watch TV:

Both MSNBC and FOx News do the same thing with their branding efforts. No matter what the story, true or not, they were going to pull out every stop to make you think its true. Facts be damned.  Gov Romney lies about everything. Here are 3 people to confirm it. President Obama is running the dirtiest campaign ever, here are 3 people to confirm it. For every attempt to create a negative brand association for the other side, there were 3 experts confirming it multiple times a day.

I think they do this on purpose not accidentally:

THe 2nd huge problem for Fox and as a result Governor Romney is that they didn’t know the Dancing with the Stars bottom two principle. You would think that when one of the couples on DWTS is in the bottom two, thats a horrible sign.  It must mean they are close to elimination. Not for couples with a large voting base. When you have a large voting base and find yourself in the bottom two, your voting base recognizes that you are at risk of losing. Because they want you to stay on the show and voting counts as much as the dancing, they will step up and vote and keep you on the show until you find yourself up against couples that have a bigger voting base than you.


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Watchlist 11/6/2012 – $HGSH, $ICAD, $VRNG,

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Pretty mediocre play, but any company that tries to play off the $AAPL “i” theme for its company name annoys me. Especially if you are barely even tech related. Its like a lame way to get free advertising/free IR.

Make sure to click the Yahoo finance link for the full list of my short watches, none of them are that great hence the reason I’m not taking the time to post charts.

» The Willingness to Think Differently :zenhabits

I can summarize the most successful people I’ve ever known with one trait: the willingness to challenge mainstream ideas.

This has been the key to everything good in my life too:

This isn’t a post to brag about all of that — it’s to share what I believe is a real key to life: the willingness to think differently than most people.

It means you have to be willing to question what most people do and tell you. It means you have to have the courage to try something different. It means you have to be brave enough to stand out from the crowd and not take the safe route.

The Safe Route

Most people take the safe route, because they’re afraid of being different and failing. If you do nothing amazing but you go with the crowd, then you don’t look stupid. But then you miss out on the amazing.

If you never stand out from the crowd, you will always be average. And that’s fine, but the people who stand out are the ones who make a mark, who innovate and discover, who learn the freedom of exploration and invention.

If you stand out when you apply for a job, you’ll be more likely to be noticed. If you don’t, and you play it safe, then they’ll likely ignore you.

If you stand out when you start a business, people will be curious and check you out. If you’re just one of many businesses doing the same thing, why should others care about you? Why should they choose you?

And yet, most people play it safe:

Most people go to school and then college because that’s what everyone else does. They don’t know what they really want to do, so why not take the traditional route? And that’s fine, but it’s good to look into other options.

Most people get a job and stick to it because that’s the traditional way to make a living. Others might be a solo entrepreneur or start a small business and dare to create something new and live a life they’re passionate about.

Most people eat meat and dairy and eggs because that’s how they were brought up, and eating differently is weird and unthinkable. “I love my ribs too much!” But then you miss out on a whole world of healthy, delicious food, and the opportunity to change the planet and help reduce one of the most cruel things our society has ever done.

Learning to Think Differently

When you hear an idea that’s different than what you’re used to, pause. Instead of rejecting it outright, consider it — is there some merit? What are the arguments, the evidence?

Let go of the emotions that come up, the defensiveness. When I mention the cruelty in meat and eggs and dairy and leather and wool (even the “humanely” raised animal products), for example, people become defensive and angry. They cover their eyes and ears, so they can go on doing what feels comfortable. They lash out and attack. And yet, if you set aside those emotions, and look at the arguments, you might learn to think differently — and that applies to all ideas, not just veganism.

When you are told that this is the way to do things, take a second look. Is this really the best way? Are there other possibilities? If no one has thought of them, can you?

Test out different ideas. Just because most people don’t do it, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. They might all be wrong, and this might be better. No better way to find out than to test it. If it’s not a good idea, drop it and move on.

Learn to be proud of your ability to test things that people traditionally believe in, and not to worry so much if you stand out. In fact, learn to see standing out as good — not just to stand out, but to forge new ground, to challenge ideas, to express your individual voice rather than blending in.

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Seth’s Blog: The best way to get unstuck

Don’t wait for the right answer and the golden path to present themselves.

This is precisely why you’re stuck. Starting without seeing the end is difficult, so we often wait until we see the end, scanning relentlessly for the right way, the best way and the perfect way.

The way to get unstuck is to start down the wrong path, right now.

Step by step, page by page, interaction by interaction. As you start moving, you can’t help but improve, can’t help but incrementally find yourself getting back toward your north star.

You might not end up with perfect, but it’s significantly more valuable than being stuck.

Don’t just start. Continue. Ship. Repeat.

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