Watch list 1/7/2013 – $NWTR, $SPWR, $STP

I’m still short $SPWR, pretty annoying to watch it all day Friday. That kind of price action drives me batty, it hangs around and acts like it can crack but never does. If anything I should have covered for a $100 profit late day and moved on.

Bunch of crappy dry bulk shipping companies popped Friday, but nothing high enough to really make it worth going short. I would hope the trend continues today and maybe some of these $DRYS, $EGLE like plays become shorts.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Same as Thur/Fri, hoping for some real fading/cracking.



Another lame solar to watch.


Watchlist 1/4/2012 – $SPWR

Well well well, I thought I was wise by waiting literally all day to short $SPWR. Thought I saw some fading right towards the end of the day. But then about as soon as I entered it shot back up and finished strong.

There may be plenty of other setups to watch, but I’m not going to bother looking for them. I need to fully concentrate on $SPWR and make sure I don’t get pounded. The only saving grace is I was never that certain about this play from the beginning so I only went in for 1K shares.

Full list from Yahoo Finance



Watchlist 1/3/2012 – $ANAD, $MCP, $MEET, $YONG, $UVXY

Well kind of bummed about this watch list. I had assumed after the huge day yesterday I would have all kinds of potential shorts show up on screens. But in the end nothing that great.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Not crazy about this pick, but the chart looks like it could crack back quickly at some point.



Probably too late on this for the short, but I kept it on watch mainly out of spite after missing it yesterday.



This is really an attempt at fishing, I’ve made money on this stock in the past, but I don’t think its up enough to make it a solid short. Could be scalped but thats probably it.



Another stock like MEET, I’ve made money on this in the past, would like the chart to be more vertical before shorting, but meh, I think money could be made on this.



Lots of blabber on this on twitter and chat rooms etc. I am not fond of trading ETF’s, especially when I have no idea what they are even set to track… But if there is price movement and volatility there is money to be made. I’ll only trade this as a last resort.


Trade recap 1/2/2013

Well per my pre market post I had good plans of trading today. Well about 10AM, I came down with one of the worst colds I’ve had in a looong time. I’m determined to show up everyday so I’m here even though I feel like absolute death!

Overall nothing great for my types of setups today, but I would have liked to trade $MCP.

I think its realistic to have shorted in the high $10’s and grabbed an easy 50 cents a share.

Ugh this sucks, hope I feel better tomorrow.



Watchlist 1/2/2012 – The whole market

Well I had every intention of posting a watch list this morning, but considering the crazy market gap up on the fiscal cliff crap. I figure any pre market screens are borderline worthless.


My plan is to be strapped in at the open and trade momentum, but be very cautious and play small. I have no insight into what this market will do today.



2013 Blog Preview

Yikes kind of scary that I posted this in 2010, I’ve made lots of progress on lots of goals, but done almost zero to catalog it.

My goal is to change that in 2013, I do want to announce that I’m going to be actively blogging and working on constant progress.  But have no desire to ramble on and on about what I will do, I’d rather prove it in daily blog posts etc.

So while I have huge aspirations to do something with this blog, I see  no benefit to the reader to hear about it now. I’d rather prove it everyday.

Rough goal list for the coming year:

-Get to 180lbs and less then 10% bodyfat

-Become fluent in Ruby

-Publish long form writing – Trading ebook etc.

-Become a better teacher/leader/speaker – Goal would be to use the book as a platform to speak at conferences , create a DVD, etc.

-Publish a “real” blog on a regular basis

-Trading for real income, I expect 2013 to be the year I hone my skills and become an actual stock trader for actual income.

-A bunch of other small random goals, I’ll announce them as I begin them.

I hope you are looking forward to the next year as much as I am!!


Citigroup leads finance world in bullshit-generating capacity – Boing Boing

Perhaps the most perfect example I’ve ever seen of one of my host hated parts of finance, corporate speak.

Citigroup today announced a series of repositioning actions that will further reduce expenses and improve efficiency across the company while maintaining Citi’s unique capabilities to serve clients, especially in the emerging markets. These actions will result in increased business efficiency, streamlined operations and an optimized consumer footprint across geographies.

via Citigroup leads finance world in bullshit-generating capacity – Boing Boing.

2 Weeks of part time trading + 2 hours of total work adds up to $3K in profits

Considering only 1 of the 6 trades I consider “managed well”, I’ll take it..

My spreadsheet is way to wide to display on the blog, so obviously click it if you want to see an expanded full view of my trade log.

Also at some point soon my lazy ass will verify these trades on

Book Review: Meat Eater –

“My hands are numb with cold, and a pinched nerve in my shoulder emits a sharp and nagging pain from the weight of my meat and gear. I think of the hardships that I’ve endured in order to live in a way that makes sense to me. Cold, hunger, thirst, labor, exhaustion, loneliness, and fear are just a few things from a long list that comes to mind. Is it strange, I wonder, to willfully suffer for one’s food at a time when it’s completely unnecessary to do so?”

It is completely unnecessary to suffer for our food, it’s true. One needn’t walk farther than the distance of the parking lot to obtain a side of salmon. But as Mr. Rinella points out: “Next time you’re in a grocery store, you’ll notice that farmed salmon actually has an ingredients list.” Isn’t that far more strange?

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Seth’s Blog: Free coffee, next exit

That’s the most effective billboard one can imagine, particularly if it’s typeset properly and if the coffee is good.

Most billboards aren’t nearly as useful, because the wrong service is promoted, or, more likely, because someone saw all that space and worked hard to fill it up.

The same thing is true of most websites. You know so well the why’s and how’s of what you built and how terrific it is, and the thought of using just a few words when a bunch will do is frightening indeed.

No, your solution doesn’t have to be simple or obvious. But the story about what it accomplishes does.

The goal of a marketing interaction isn’t to close the sale, any more than the goal of a first date is to get married. No, the opportunity is to move forward, to earn attention and trust and curiosity and conversation.

Simple, clear and actionable.

via Seth’s Blog: Free coffee, next exit.