Watchlist 9-4-2014 – $ISNS, $SGOC, $VII, $HGSH, $ACHN, $LRAD, $MAGS, $FOLD

Finally back with another watch list after a Mule Deer hunting trip to Colorado.


Obviously all the wearable camera companies are in play, I’ll be watching for fading action. I seem to say it a lot but going to work on really be patient today, especially at the open, after being away for a week my main goal is to get back in touch with the markets. I will not trade the first half hour no matter what. I’ll watch and build a workable watch list from pre market and the open.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance


Looking to short into fading hype.



This looks to be a “real” deal with, so I will probably just watch.



Another security cam play, same comments as $ISNS



Made a decent profit shorting this last week but really missed the meat of the move, will be trying to use this bounce as another short entry.



Bummed I missed this a few times over the last couple weeks, getting awful choppy.



More Ferguson hype, will short into pops.



Biotech, so its scary, but looks way overextended. I’ll short pops but won’t hold overnight.


Watchlist 8-27-2014 – $ACHN, $DGLY, $FOLD, $HGSH, $ISNS, $JRJC, $VII

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance


Will look to short under $12.



Doing my best to avoid this widowmaker, I keep following waiting for the Ferguson wearable camera hype to fade. I am short biased for sure, but very conservative on this one.



Pretty strong uptrend, I am short biased but thinking I may be falling for the perennial short trap of “its up so much it has to come back.”



Shorted this yesterday afternoon, looked like it was finally going to crack 3:15, but then it bounced, tight leash for sure, its very near the top and could push.



Same as $DGLY, Ferguson camera/surveillance hype, thought about shorting in pre, but one of my rules is to avoid shorting in pre market, stuck to that, plus I don’t like the idea of having two volatile stocks at the open. Hoping this runs to $5 then I’ll get short mid morning/afternoon.



Been wanting to trade this all week, but $IBKR has had borrows come and go, and as typical, when it is near a crack level the shares dry up. Oh well same as $DGLY, I’ll wait.



Made good money on this yesterday and played it well. Much like $ISNS, I thought about shorting PM, but I’ll wait. I drew a line at $5.10, thats my area of interest.


Watchlist 8-25-2014 – $CDZI, $DGLY, $HGSH, $HIMX, $JRJC, $MY, $XGTI, $FREE


Illiquid but I’ll be looking to short on any fading/weak price action.



I’m short bias on this one, but tough to call. Positive news and lots of hype around Ferguson and cops being outfitted with camera’s.



Short bias on this, will look for entries under $6.



I’ll be looking to buy this, lots of potential upside.



I think this is the best short out there right now, just really hard to get an entry its so jumpy.



Another potential buy, looks like positive earnings, but its Chinese so most likely sketchy.



Another potential buy, I’ve made money on this on the long side before.



Perennial short setup, biggest scary thing is that it is has not cracked yet, stubborn stock for sure.


Watchlist 8-22-2014 – $JRJC, $DGLY, $FREE, $AMCF

Well I don’t see that much too exciting today, AND I’m back to sitting in the front seat of my truck trying to trade sitting outside the Whitefish Community Center in Paradise, MI. The wifi actually works pretty well, one of the better connections I’ve had this trip, but damn, my neck already hurts 45 minutes in.

Its also the last full day of the trip so I’m most likely gonna mail it in trading wise and spend some time fishing and checking out the outdoors.  Tahquamenon Falls

Plus Yellen is speaking at 10AM, I have no idea about what, but it will probably make the market do some wacky shit. I’m green on the week so no point in trying to trade against these headwinds.



Joe Rogan on War Machine: Domestic violence ‘always evil’, should be ‘punishable in the worst ways possible’

Well said…

“People keep asking me to comment on it. This is the only thing I would ever say: Anytime there is an altercation like that between a man and a woman, and a man hits a woman, it’s never correct, it’s always evil, it’s always wrong. It’s beyond fucked that a guy could beat a woman. And it should be a heinous crime that is punishable in the worst ways possible.”

via Joe Rogan on War Machine: Domestic violence ‘always evil’, should be ‘punishable in the worst ways possible’.

Watchlist 8-21-2014 – $DGLY, $JRJC, $TASR, $HGSH, $COYN, $MOBI,

$COYN, my sole amazing long pick, I added this just because it came up and solely based on the name. I’m assuming it may move based on Ferguson.

Todays Trading Plan:

Struggling with trading half days this week. I’ve made pretty decent trades, but have rushed them to get out by noon. My primary focus is $JRJC, either a hard move to $10 or a crack under $9.15. Secondary watch is $DGLY, over under $6.50. Other than that, I’m going to push to not trade today unless it is just to good to miss. Tired of mediocre setups this week.



Traveling Part Time Trader – Day 9 Summary

Photo Aug 19, 3 48 43 PM

This update is for 8/19/2014.

Not much to report for today, lots and lots of rain, lots and lots of challenges getting connectivity and nothing too great trades wise.

I don’t have enough bandwidth to upload pictures so I only managed to post one spooky one of the lighthouse Garrison was fishing at.

I traded $ACHN and $MNKD this morning for a total of like $350 bucks. So bummer is only up $350 in two days, but there was no wifi anywhere nearby except a ranger station that I would have had to sit outside at. Considering the rain, not sure if my laptop would have enjoyed that.

I managed to trade via a pretty decent 4G tethered phone, but its VERY hard to go balls deep into a trade when you are dropping packets. Hence the reason I traded $ACHN and $MNKD small, and ended up calling it a day around noon. My connection was decent until the rain and fog rolled in. At that point I figured not trading was the best call.

Again not a ton to recount from today, we traveled in the rain and fog to Mclain State Park, which is a very badass looking state park in a very nice location. But the rain and fog refused to quit. Garrison did get out on a pier and throw some casts until the rain turned into a downpour.

We did have a fun laid back evening in the RV though, we played a bunch of games of Uno and Connect Four and then settled in for the night.

Watchlist 8-19-2014 – $JRJC, $MOBI, $FREE, $BDR, $ACHN

Looks to be another big up day into the open. I told myself to be patient yesterday and wasn’t. Should have been around to trade $JRJC late day, but got so frustrated I mailed it in mid day. Struggling mentally in this annoying grind up market.

At least we are having fun outside of market hours so this trip is still a success: TRAVELING PART TIME TRADER – DAY 8 SUMMARY

Traveling Part Time Trader – Day 8 Summary


Today we made our way on to the Porcupine Mountains which is a location in Michigan I’ve wanted to visit most my life. Also a big one I wanted the kids to see before they got much older. It was a long travel day, took us about 3 hours after stopping for lunch to get from Wells State Park to our campsite in the “Porkies”. After arriving we set up camp and pretty quickly ventured off to the observation platform for Lake of the Clouds. For sure one of the more breathtaking natural resources I’ve ever seen. While the trees and water are something to behold, I’ve already got it on my to do list to come back when the fall colors are in full.


I had never really heard about the Presque Isle river area, but it may have been the highlight of the trip. The trails around the falls and the ability to get right down in the water was probably the kids favorite. They climbed up and down the banks and Garrison made a valiant effort to fish.


Another surprise was the rope bridge over to the island between the falls. We had a good time jumping up and down and getting the bridge to rock enough to get Tracy scared.


While Tracy and Garrison sat by the river they spooked a bald eagle. It disappeared too quickly to get a picture unfortunately. Lily and I missed it but we ventured down to Lake Superior, which with the sun setting was quite the view.


Today was another rainy day so we spent a lot of time hanging out and walking up and down the shoreline. Garrison and I rented a couple kayaks and took them out onto Lake Superior. I didn’t manage to hook anything, but I didnt have the best tackle to fish a lake like Superior. Garrison brought in a nice sized steelhead but lost it right at his Kayak. I was close enough to see it and it looked to be a damn nice fish. Normally he would have landed it for the frying pan, but we didn’t have a net and while attempting to haul it in it shook his hook.


After dinner we packed up and visited Summit Peak, which was a cool hike up the side of a mountain. The boardwalks made it pretty easy, but it was still quite the expedition. After arriving at the top you climb up an observation platform that ends up at 1958 feat above sea level. It was a nice view but way to foggy. I did not even bother to take any pictures because it was pretty obvious they would most likely not turn out.


Nice couple days in the Porcupines, but when we come back I’ll plan on spending much more than 2 days. To really see everything the time budget should probably be more like 5 days. But this was intended as more of a scouting mission, so we will be able to plan better next time.


Tomorrow we head further up the Keweenaw to Mclain State Park near Houghton, MI. We will figure out the schedule tomorrow but our plans are to check out some of the old copper mines.

Trading wise, jack shit to report.. Markets were up big pre market, then continued to rage pretty much all day. While I can trade in that sort of market, its not the best environment for me. Should have been looking for more longs and I considered buying $MOBI, but chose to defer. Instead I watched $ACHN fade all morning then talked myself into shorting it at $9.58 after it had already came back plenty. Shitty entry.


I could have taken a quick $300-400 after it fell to the $9.30’s but chose to hold all day. Of course it ground back all day and closed a couple cents below my short. So I’m up at this point, but maybe $100 bucks, nothing worth even logging in to get an exact count. Not real crazy about the prospects for this short, analyst upgrades etc. It will probably gap up against me. Told myself to avoid these boredom types of trades, should have just sat on my hands all day. Oh well, tomorrow is another day and every day is a reboot of new opportunities!