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I’ve only been back at work for a few days, but already I’m noticing that the more wholesome activities are quickly dropping out of my life: walking, exercising, reading, meditating, and extra writing.

The one conspicuous similarity between these activities is that they cost little or no money, but they take time.

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Watchlist 10-13-2014 – I REFUSE to catch Ebola! $LAKE, $APT, $IBIO, $AHPI, $OBCI, $JNS

Trade Plan:

Well basically everything on my list is Ebola related. That being said, I’m terrible at buying and even if I was good at it I would never go long at these levels. Of course the spiking has yet to show any signs of slowing so I will not short either. Great plan eh?? But I refuse to get caught in the front side of these moves. I’ll wait for the hype and the price and volume to fade in these Ebola plays. At some point some other natural disaster, international crisis, or celebrity nude photo hack will crop up and everyone will forget Ebola. I’ll wait till then. I’ll spend the morning watching and scanning old watchlists to find faders.

Very handy tool is google spreadsheets, super easy to quickly click through old watchlists and see the price auto updated.

Trade Log – 10/9/2014 – $GTAT

Ticker: $GTAT

Entry: $1.26

Position Size: 1000

Stop: $1.21

Target: $1.50’s-$1.60’s


Kind of hard to pick a goal number on this, bought it into strength into the close and rumors $AAPL may try and save them, or buy their assets etc. Its more or less a gamble, but I think its a low risk gamble, with potentially huge upside.

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My slide deck from this year’s Pennystocking Conference.

While my slides are kind of worthless without the discussion around them I did have a few people ask me to post them.

I had a great time presenting but since I ran short on time I really never got very far into the slides, I did have a blast with the Q and A, and hope I got to everyone afterwards and answered your questions. If not feel free to use the contact form on my site.


Google Doc’s Version of Slide Deck

Downloadable PDF of Slide Deck

Watchlist 9-29-2014 – $CNET, $GTIM, $JRJC, $NXTD, $SOPW, $VIMC

Today’s Plan:

Late start today, annoying, didnt get my full morning routine in so feeling a little out of sorts. Everything but $GTIM are short watches, but none of them are great setups. I’ll be watching all for late day fades and be tracking $GTIM for a long if it opens weak and then trends back. FYI on $JRJC, earnings are tonight, so good idea not to hold either way overnight.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Quote from Yahoo Finance – CNET

Quote from Yahoo Finance – GTIM

Quote from Yahoo Finance – JRJC

Quote from Yahoo Finance – NXTD

Quote from Yahoo Finance – SOPW

Quote from Yahoo Finance – VIMC

What I Learned From Being a Broke, Unemployed Graduate |

Various clips from a very good article


I’m not saying this to brag. I’m explaining this because when someone wants something, virtually nothing can stand in his or her way. Lucky for me, the only thing standing in the way of me and a better situation was money for books.

One of the challenges of coming from a small hometown is that a person may not have a business mentor to learn from. He or she might not think it’s possible to have success as an entrepreneur. In a way, that notion might be quite foreign. After all, only people from big cosmopolitan cities achieve entrepreneurial success. Right?

Well, Stephen lived in my hometown. And he did it. So why couldn’t I? Much more than providing guidance and advice, he proved to me that achieving the goals of my dreams was not only possible but also that it was closer than I thought.

But perhaps the most important lesson of my journey going from broke to New York is that things are temporary. The current situation, no matter how bleak or bland, is not going to last forever. Even at my lowest moments, I still had good health and good sense. As the Roman writer Publilius Syrus put it, “Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings.”

People often have much of what they need to succeed within them: ambition and the will to learn. This will to learn can prompt them to reach out to mentors and networks. They just have to trust the process. After all, it’s often the most difficult or trying times that set the stage for the best opportunities.


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Watchlist 9-25-2014 – $CNET, $CREG, $LPCN, $NXTD, $RITT, $VIMC

Today’s Plan:

Nothing really strong on the list today, I do like all these stocks as shorts, just the price is not great on most of them. Several the moves are already started or over. So I will be watching and hoping for some spiking to short into. I will avoid trading any of them unless I get a good pop. Today will be a day to be picky I believe.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Quote from Yahoo Finance – CNET


Quote from Yahoo Finance – CREG


Quote from Yahoo Finance – LPCN


Quote from Yahoo Finance – NXTD


Quote from Yahoo Finance – RITT


Quote from Yahoo Finance – VIMC


Trade Log – 9/24/2014 – Shorted $BBRY @stockrealist this is for you!

Ticker: $BBRY

Entry: $10.82

Position Size: 1000

Stop: $10.86

Target: Low $10’s


Boredom trade… But several reasons.
1. Blackberry is doomed longterm.
2. That new phone is stupid and looks like a calculator.
3. Major hit piece out from UBS.
4. The fact that they try calling that dumb new phone an “Iphone killer”. I’m no Iphone fanboy, but come on if you were going to “kill” the iphone, I think you need to do a lot better than that thing.

Risk to reward wise its pretty good I think, worst case it goes sideways, best case that UBS report sinks it.

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Watchlist 9-18-2014 – $AVNR, $VIMC


Several other good plays out there, but I’m only going to be around till about noon. Since my renewed focus is to quit being a degenerate scalper, I will be spending all morning laser focused on $AVNR, looks like I could get a decent drop. But I will really try and not just take 10-20 fricking cents a share.

$VIMC, looks to be a little boring, but I’ll hold it as long as it goes sideways or obviously if it fades. Any pop I’ll be out. I have a lot to do tomorrow as well so would be nice to be in cash overnight.