Watchlist 10-29-2014 – $UNIS, $INFU, $CLF, $CARA, $SOPW

Trade Plan:

Wow, slowest day on the scans in a looong time. Not really seeing anything that interesting. Not a ton moving pre market either. Yesterday looked so crappy I took most of the day off, but looks like today will be a wait and see type day. I’m sure there will be opportunities once the day starts, but I’m really fishing to find anything right now.

Watchlist 10-24-2014 – $IBIO, $SOPW, $INFN, $RGLS, $LIVE – All Ebola stocks

Trade Plan:

Like most Friday’s I will only be trading a half day. Could be kind of a bummer, with all the Ebola news this afternoon could be interesting. But also dangerous, I got in my opinion lucky on $TKMR yesterday. Made a nice profit then had the intention of holding 1/2 all day for a fade, after it would not crack $18.50 I covered, about 30 minutes later the NYC Ebola news came out and I would have been torched. I’ll be looking to short any and all Ebola’s on weak price action. But I will not try and pick any tops and will not hold long. The potential for news is way to high. If I was smart I’d be playing them on the long side, that is probably where the easy money is.

Watchlist 10-21-2014 – $IBIO, $UNIS, $SCOK, $BBRY, $NQ, $ESI, $SOPW, $LIVE

Trade Plan:

Annoying day yesterday, after saying in my plan I would watch all morning I ended up shorting $SCOK early and got squeezed all afternoon. SUPER frustrating considering I put myself in that position. Ended up getting half my losses back late day after shorting into the close. FUCKING SHOULD HAVE JUST WAITED TILL THEN!! Had I followed my plan it would have been a profitable day instead of a loser…

So, same plan today, even if a great play appears I’m forcing myself to sit on my hands till the afternoon. Call it self punishment. Or most likely I’ll end up with a profitable day because I won’t try shorting the front side of a move.

Watchlist 10-20-2014 – Evidently Ebola is cured! – $IBIO, $UNIS, $SCOK, $BBRY

Trade Plan:

Tough to work out a plan today, looks like all the Ebola plays are toast except $IBIO, which has a bunch of weird stuff going on that I don’t understand. Lots of stuff on scan for me, but nothing that is cut and dry. I normally like to come out pretty aggressive on Monday but looking like it might be a wait and see type morning.

If the Ebola plays spike I will look to get short, if they go sideways or fade I will ignore, I have no desire to try and bounce them.

Watchlist 10-17-2014 – $IBIO, $AHPI, $VSR, $OSUR, $ACI, $ANR, $IDRA, $CALI

Trade Plan:

Amazing the profit potential of penny stocks!! In what other industry can you completely fuck everything up and still make money?!?! I traded $VSR soooo poorly yesterday and left soooo much money on the table I should be kicked in the head. BUT!! I still made decent money, amazing..

I should just cut and paste the plan each day, same thing today though it is starting to evolve. A lot of these Ebola plays are finally starting to come back to reality. Bummer is I don’t like shorting on Fridays plus the potential for crazy news over the weekend is super high so NO WAY will I hold overnight. Some of the Ebola junk is up pre market but nothing crazy at this point. My plan will be to short into parabolic moves only, if they just grind up I’ll stay away and wait till Monday. May try some oil and gas longs if they look good. I also need to leave at noon so could end up being a slow day for me.

Watchlist 10-14-2014 – $LAKE, $APT, $IBIO, $AHPI, $OBCI, $JNS, $VSR, $SMED, $VIMC

Trade Plan:

So maybe today is the day some of the Ebola hype starts to fade. All the hot stocks were spiking huge after hours last night but most of them are coming back in this morning. I’m gonna stay extra cautious though, I’m scared of some sort of fake out. I would much rather short late day after there is some confirmation versus trying to catch them this morning.

I may regret it, but I really foresee a quick drop at the open then they will all grind or even potentially spike back. I’ll be watching and waiting to short the weakest of the bunch.

Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed

I’ve only been back at work for a few days, but already I’m noticing that the more wholesome activities are quickly dropping out of my life: walking, exercising, reading, meditating, and extra writing.

The one conspicuous similarity between these activities is that they cost little or no money, but they take time.

via Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed.

Watchlist 10-13-2014 – I REFUSE to catch Ebola! $LAKE, $APT, $IBIO, $AHPI, $OBCI, $JNS

Trade Plan:

Well basically everything on my list is Ebola related. That being said, I’m terrible at buying and even if I was good at it I would never go long at these levels. Of course the spiking has yet to show any signs of slowing so I will not short either. Great plan eh?? But I refuse to get caught in the front side of these moves. I’ll wait for the hype and the price and volume to fade in these Ebola plays. At some point some other natural disaster, international crisis, or celebrity nude photo hack will crop up and everyone will forget Ebola. I’ll wait till then. I’ll spend the morning watching and scanning old watchlists to find faders.

Very handy tool is google spreadsheets, super easy to quickly click through old watchlists and see the price auto updated.

Trade Log – 10/9/2014 – $GTAT

Ticker: $GTAT

Entry: $1.26

Position Size: 1000

Stop: $1.21

Target: $1.50’s-$1.60’s


Kind of hard to pick a goal number on this, bought it into strength into the close and rumors $AAPL may try and save them, or buy their assets etc. Its more or less a gamble, but I think its a low risk gamble, with potentially huge upside.

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