Watchlist – 7/21/2010 Only ONE stock I can find worth watching.. $ARNA

I was way to busy to watch the markets at all except for the first hour yesterday. And I’m not crazy about trading on a day when I have no “feel” for what the market did the day before. Plus my favorite screen returned ZERO matches. Another big day planned so I’m not that worried about no trade setups, but it would be nice if something happens today to get some junk stocks up big.

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Still holding this short from the other day. A slight short squeeze in the morning then a very gently fade the rest of the day. I have no idea who would be buying this stock, hype fading, volume fading and as far as I can tell they have no scheduled news for months! Probably just bag holders employing the age old ingenious strategy of averaging down. SHORT

Watchlist 7/20/2010 – I didnt think it would be possible, but this list is worth then yesterdays! $$

Another lame choppy day in the markets yesterday so the only stocks coming up on my screens are buyouts and lawsuit winners, worthless… Not a ton to say on a day like this so I’ll get right to it. I shorted ARNA late day when I saw what appeared to be fading action. At this point somewhat pleased, but futures are down a ton, so if this trade does become a winner it may be simply because of the overall market going further down. But hey a profit is a profit, I could care less what “macro” effects create it.

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Looks like their drug was kicked to the curb, I won’t play this but curious to see where it ends up. Remember kiddies, I shorted at $4.30, its now at 90 CENTS and looks to tank another 20%, cripes.. SHORT


As mentioned above, I’m “ok” with this short, but not in love. What I am in love with is trading this stock I’m afraid. Time to move on!! SHORT


Yet another crappy biopharma, I need to do some more research but the chart looks interesting and shares are available to borrow. SHORT


Since there are no solid picks I’ll spend some time trying to figure this deal out. I’m still confused at this point, but just looks odd. SHORT

Watchlist 7/19/2010 – Mediocre shorts and overpriced stocks. $$

I really have no idea why I am bothering with putting together this watchlist. NOTHING that fits my style is coming up on screens. But I’m up at 4:30am at my scheduled watch list building timeslot and I’ve run countless screens to try and find a decent setup so I might as well post what I found. No matter how pathetic and worthless.

Since the market was crushed again Friday, there just are not any good pennystocks to short. My only trade on Friday was closing out my IDiotic trade on ID, which I somehow managed to magically make a profit on?!?! Of course I will give all the credit to a pathetic “crashy” market on Friday. Any other day and I would have most likely taken a loss.

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Considering the profits I’ve made on this stock, I highly doubt I will touch it again. But it did have a decent bounce day, and I will NEVER believe in fat loss pills. Probably not up enough either, had it REALLY popped I would be much more interested. SHORT


Bunch of shenanigans here, a merger and a reverse stock split it looks like? I didn’t really dig very hard but anytime the AMAZING MAGICJACK! is mentioned I’m interested. If there were shares to borrow I would spend the time to research more, but since there are no shares I’ll just watch and let someone else figure it out for me… SHORT


Probably should have shorted this last week. It looks to really crack then fade, but at the same time somewhat boring. A few shares out there, so maybe it would be a good longer term holding? SHORT


A very “realish” company plus way out of my usual price range. But still up over 3X from a few months ago. Really doubt I will trade it but I think it could be the best short out there right now. SHORT


Again, way out of my price range, but I’m very skeptical of electric cars. This is more and more looking like a failed IPO, but any sort of magical flying car news, or government sponsored battery plants can make this pop so risky. SHORT

Watchlist 7/16/2010 – RIP all ye fat loss formula peddlers. $$

Well my fat loss pill thesis finally paid the bills yesterday! I’ve been yammering about the impending collapse of all of the recent hot fat loss pill peddlers. And while I didn’t expect it to happend in quite such an explosive manner, it happened nevertheless. VVUS’s latest remix of “speed” failed to get approval by some sort of FDA panel and all of the sector was CRUSHED.

Since VVUS was closed for trading I took a shot at ARNA and while risky I felt safe since ARNA was just up in anticipation of news by a competitor, they had no pending news that I knew of. While I was confident ARNA would go down, I had NO idea it would crack over a $1 in 5-10 minutes. One of those drops when you get paralyzed on the buy button wondering, “when the hell is it going to stop going down?!!?” Nice quick profit.

The dilemna is since I could do nothing but watch ARNA, I ended up getting trapped in ID overnight. I shorted ID on a huge spike based on buyout news. Afterwords I realized it was a mistake and had every intention of dumping it before close for a small loss. But again, ARNA had me hypnotized. Down a couple hundred bucks unreallized on ID right now, so nothing to terrible. Maybe I can get a little morning fade and make some money. Highly unlikely though since the buyout news appears to be real. If it goes up or sideways I will dump quickly.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Pretty much recapped above, but check out that scaaaary chart!! If I didn’t know what to do as a short, the longs were probably puking their guts out!! 🙂 Kind of a bummer the site doesn’t show afterhours, I’ll post a chart of VVUS later, yikes!!! SHORT


Finally a few shares of this at my broker, since the borrows are out there I will watch it. But getting pretty boring pretty fast. SHORT


Mistake mentioned above, who nows maybe I’ll get lucky. But at this point thats all I can do, is hope for luck, shitty… SHORT


Just another crappy biopharma, but wait I don’t think they make a fat loss pill, why are they up!?! Its not their turn 🙂 Easy borrow at my broker so its worth watching. SHORT


Exact same explanation as KV-A, just a different ticker. SHORT


I missed this yesterday, no real play now since its already down so much. But I’m curious to see if it will end up right back where it started. SHORT

Watchlist 7/15/2010 – Fat loss potions are hot!! $$

No big recent updates, I traded DSTI for a 13% gain in about 10-15 minutes the other day. But it fell to fast and I only was filled on 735 shares. Had I gotten the full 3K it would have been a VERY nice trade. Other then that not much interesting out there. NUSMF was nice but I couldn’t get any shares. I honestly can’t remember if my brokers didn’t have any or if I was to slow. If I was indeed too slow in NUSMF, and IB or TOS had shares I will be bummed. Since that is a perfect test case for my “long term short” strategy. I would have loved to get some in the mid twos and hold for weeks, maybe covering in the mid to low $1’s. DEAR was another stock I flat out missed, but I’m just to timid to short crappy banks unless I can do nothing but watch them while in the position, and I don’t have that kind of time.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Fat loss plays are huge this week! ARNA and VVUS both have news, but I’m very dubious. CELH is a slower riser but still, they make sugar water that is supposed to magically burn fat.. I’m afraid I may be a little to anxious to short this industry, but next to finance, there is no business so totally loaded with charlatans, liars, ex cons, and snake oil salesman! And those are the good guys in fat loss, I don’t think I have words for the bad guys… SHORT


Oil spill play, under a dollar and a pinksheet so not sure if I will play it. But it appears to be an absolute carcass up on total hype. SHORT


My number one short setup for sure!! But finding shares will be about as easy as finding a unicorn or even maybe as rare as a double rainbow! Up over 100% on some lame chinese media content deal. I will dig and dig to find borrows, but not looking good. SHORT


Kind of a flyer here, but looking for one more stock to add to the list. Obviously companies need money to operate but I find it odd that your stock price shoots through the roof when you sell off what appear to be core holdings of your business. Its like Microsoft selling off Windows and Office to concentrate on the mobile market. Just seems odd to me. SHORT

Watchlist 7/8/2010 – Back with another crappy watchlist.

Bummed to a certain extent that I havent posted any watchlists, but for once it has nothing to do with available time. Its simply due to the fact that I have seen NOTHING really solid to trade. There have been setups sure, but nothing great and nothing worth detailing in a premarket watchlist. Considering my #1 trading rule is to not trade out of boredom when the setups are not there, I have stuck to my discipline. I did make a trade the other day on ARNA, but really probably lucky on that one, I just could not resist shorting a company with a magical fat loss pill. So since this is supposed to be a blog with some Finance/trading info, here is a watchlist, but don’t bother trading any of these stocks…

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Three fat loss pill peddlers. I’m sure they are all shit, but I’m primarily watching VVUS after trading ARNA the other day. It appears that ARNA made some sort of deal to license their anti fatass magical potion to somebody so VVUS and OREX are up as well. OREX is lame and totally boring, I’m justing watching it because it is mentioned with ARNA and VVUS all the time. My only solid watch out of the three is VVUS, I almost shorted into the big spike late day yesterday around $11. It “could” have been a good quick trade since it dropped like a stone right at the close. A bounce after hours, so again timing would have had to been perfect. Plus I had no idea what the spike was about, who knows how high it could have ran?? Also FYI, VVUS is an easy borrow at Thinkorswim and Interactive Brokers. SHORT


I tried shorting this multiple times but could never find shares at my brokers. I had my eye on it already but considering Tim Sykes has been trading it, I have tried particularly hard to find shares. No dice. Its still an OK watch, but pretty solid multi day support at $3. Starting to look like it could get boring or even go up slowly. SHORT


Ick, look at that nasty choppy chart! I think I’m only watching this becuase its one of three stocks on my screener. If it were a normal day with ten to fifteen stocks I don’t think I would even pay attention to it. Also up on some pretty lame news, “qualified for use in Dell systems”. I’d be happier if it spikes more, at this point I probably won’t trade it. SHORT


I swear I have traded this in the past, but I can’t remember when.. They do appear to be a “real” company so that is kind of a bummer, plus the spike is nothing huge. But from what I can tell its up simply because they are reconfiguring a plant in Michigan’s upper peninsula to run on biomass for energy.. Whoop de do! Short