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A new American dream has gradually replaced the old one. Instead of leisure, or thrift, consumption has become a patriotic duty. Corporations can justify anything—from environmental destruction to prison construction—for the sake of inventing more work to do. A liberal arts education, originally meant to prepare people to use their free time wisely, has been repackaged as an expensive and inefficient job-training program. We have stopped imagining, as Keynes thought it so reasonable to do, that our grandchildren might have it easier than ourselves. We hope that they’ll have jobs, maybe even jobs that they like.

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Daily Discipline – mashup of @victor_pride and @tferriss



In order to improve my overall discipline, which will invariably improve my trading discipline I’ve decided to pursue another month of Victor Pride’s 30 Day’s of Discipline.

I have more or less been following about 8 out of 10 of them all summer, but made a couple tweaks to the plan. Mainly because I’ve opted to give up alcohol for the summer in order to get in better shape as well as create more mental clarity. Seeing Tim Ferriss’s NOBNOM challenge got me motivated to announce it publicly and put more energy towards daily discipline.

My trading has been solid all summer, but several break downs in simple decisions and planning have frustrated me. This often starts from lack of planning and preparation in the morning. Most of Victors rules revolve around a solid morning routine. And while as far as I know he has nothing to do with trading the ideas click with me because I find when I have a solid morning that goes as planned and I hit all my steps, trading profits follow.

And while he does not extol giving up booze Ferriss’s plan does. I decided to mash them up and create a plan to make my mornings and day’s more consistent and full of energy. Staying up to late and drinking beer creates mid afternoon fatigue for me. Mid afternoon fatigue coupled with boring markets breeds losing trades faster than the movie Gremlins…

I also need to free up focused time to complete my Part Time Pennystocks book before September. So by forcing discipline and a tighter routine I think I increase my odds of hitting my goal considerably.

Below are links as well as my tweaked mashup plan.

1) For 30 days there is no consumption of beer or alcohol.

2) For 30 days must wake up daily around 5am.

3) For 30 days you must take cold showers.

4) For 30 days there is no masturbation or internet pornography allowed.

5) For 30 days you must do 100 pushups, 100 sit-ups, and 100 body squats per day.

6) For 30 days there is no snacking. Only 3 meals per day maximum can be consumed.

7) Every day for 30 days you will have a ‘to-do’ list that you must accomplish.

8) Every day for 30 days you must keep correct posture – stand up straight, chest held high, head held high and make eye contact with everyone.

9) Every day for 30 days your answers to yes or no questions are “Yes” or “No”. Excuses and ex- planations do not follow your answer.

10) Every day for 30 days you must keep a notebook and pen with you.

11) You must have one specific and definite goal. This is something you will choose.

12) You can take a lazy Sunday morning and wake up later, but Sunday is used to prepare. You must review all notes for the week, go over plans for the week ahead and jot out your short-term to-do list and your longer-term to-do list.



Soft | RyanHoliday.net – @ryanholiday

You are soft. If you were born in my generation or thereabouts, you are almost certainly soft. You live a nerf life in a nerf world, filled with nerf delusions.

Check the boxes. Put in your 8 hours a day. Get what you you earned. Get anything.


That’s not how it works. But you don’t get to complain that the game is rigged. Why? Because it’s basically fairer than it ever has been. It’s unlikely you’ll suddenly die. You don’t have to go to war. You can travel from place to place and never, ever worry about pirates.

Yet we’re soft. We quit early. Settle. Complain. Think we deserve a break. Make lazy, self-serving assumptions. Try to get the most for the least work.

Stoicism is hard. Cato was hard. They were obstinate, in a good way.

Consider what hustlers call their work: “grinding.” Not “the grind,” diminutively like us, but grindin‘. The hustle. Working all day and all night, looking for an angle, taking their share. They have to, there is no other way.

You have to cultivate that hardness. And you better start soon, because we’re all in the same ghetto now. How? Savagery is one way. You have to learn to love the struggle. To know how to grit your teeth, and promise yourself that you will never, ever let something like that happen to you again.

Everything is a test. It’s a test to see how hard you are. Will you keep going? Can you get to your knees? Can you get you to your feet? Can you try again? Can you bear it? There’s no end in sight, how long can you last?

Stop failing this test. Stop being soft.

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People Who Feel They Have A Purpose In Life Live Longer : Shots – Health News : NPR

“Often this is individuals who want to produce something that is appreciated by others in written or artistic form, whether it’s music, dance or visual arts,” Hill says.

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Finding Time to Read | LinkedIn

“The rich invest in time, the poor invest in money.” — Warren Buffett

How do you value your time? We can make more money, we can’t make more time.

Charlie Munger, voracious reader, billionaire, and vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, once commented “In my whole life, I have known no wise people (over a broad subject matter area) who didn’t read all the time – none, zero.”

It’s pretty simple: You either read or you don’t. If you read you probably want to do it more. If you don’t read, I’m not going to convince you to put down the remote.

Reading more isn’t a secret. It comes down to choices.

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It’s Never Too Late To Chase Your Dreams | Dare Mighty Things

There’s a myth that adventure has to occur when we’re young, before we settle down; that dreams can only be chased when we’re young, vivacious, and in part ignorant to the odds and the cost of losing. That, however, isn’t how life works. If we’re living any kind of life with any semblance of a brain, we’re going to get better with age. We’re going to become wiser and smarter and we’re going to further understand the value of hard work and sacrifice. If that isn’t enough, we’re going to have even more reasons around us to work, risk, and live a great life, in family.

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Renaissance Man: An interview with MMA commentator, stand-up comedian, wild game hunter, television host, and deep thinker Joe Rogan – SBNation.com

Good article, this part is the best!


Joe Rogan: I don’t know. I don’t like working for people. I don’t like having a schedule, especially as I get older and I start to realize that there’s a lot of imposed ideas about what you’re supposed to do with life that we’ve all sort of accepted. As I’ve gotten older I’ve started to challenge those ideas more and more. There’s a bunch of those ideas I’d like to move away from as I get older.

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Fck What They Want

They want you to work yourself into the ground, be fat and weak, stressed beyond comprehension, live for the weekend, play Xbox, waste three hours a day on Facebook, give up your hobbies and passions, keep your eyes glued to your phone, keep up with what Kanye and Kim are doing, listen to songs that let us know nothing is more important than how much shiny shit we own and how expensive the champagne we drink is.

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AdviceToWriters – ATW INTERVIEWS – Austin Kleon

1) Don’t wait until you know who you are to get started. The way you figure yourself out is by making things.

2) Write the book you want to read. Don’t screw around writing work to please your teachers or agents or literary journals. Think about the books you love, and mash them up into something of your own. Think about the writers you love, and pick up the torch from them.

3) Do good work and put it where people can see it. That’s the only real secret. The internet is the major medium of our time, so don’t ignore it, embrace it.

4) Be boring. It’s the only way to get work done. Get a day job, find a regular hour or two a day to write, take care of yourself, and be a good friend.

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Blog update and projects

I was actually very pleasantly surprise by the amount of “where have you been” comments since my blog and twitter went more or less dark over the last couple weeks. (I had assumed only my Mom read this blog/twitter feed.)


I was on spring break with my family and more or less took a “technology fast” during that period. Sure I still screwed around checking in to email and twitter, but I took advantage of the time to really unwind and not spend any time creating content or trading.

My goals were many but chiefly I was determined to really relax and be present with my family, make sure to work on my tan (which appears to be a recurring theme), and business wise I wanted to take the time away to focus on rebooting my trading related content.

While I didn’t accomplish all I wanted to while I away those three mentioned goals were successful. I’ve chose to quit waiting for perfect and start producing the “Pennystocking Podcast” as well as start writing blog posts and creating content around the “Part time trader lifestyle”.

“Sucking Is the First Step to Being Sorta Good at Something”

I have tons of work ahead of me in prep, (websites, logo’s, content channels, etc) but this list is the same as it has been since January 1st. But I figure by publicly announcing it I will get off my ass and make daily progress. Plus I wanted to get an update out to those curious to why I was MIA for 12 days.

I was going to link up a bunch of stuff, but I’ll save those all for daily post’s, keep an eye here and twitter for all the gooood shit! 🙂