Trade Notes: $MOMO 2-24-2016

$MOMO this was the most boring day I can remember in years… This was the best setup I could find?!!?

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12:41 pm – Started @ $11.90 – probably a boredom trade, but seems toppy at $12 and market fading a little. Stop at HOD $12.15

12:45 pm – Probably too “real” doubtful I get a wash.

12:58 pm – $SPY grinding, again annoying trading real stocks, they end up just tracking the market.

2016-02-24 1:15 pm – Keeps bouncing off of $12. Trying to be patient but going to stop quick if need be.

2016-02-24 3:05 pm – Such a slow day, I’ll keep this as long as it stays under $12, but exit before close.

3:55ish – Covered right into the close, it was basing at $12 no way I hold overnight, let it run tomorrow.

Trade Notes: $TRVN 2-23-2016



9:35AM – SS Starter, waaaay too illiquid – add to winner, stop at $10.00

9:49AM – Daily chart is pretty shitty, should have probably just ignored this.

10:02AM – Add

1:11PM – Been a slow fader but not cracking $9, need to look to start covering.

1:20PM – Shit, big selling on the crack of $9.00. Can’t get too greedy here.

2:21PM – Covered at $8.96, gave it time to wash and hit SSR little bounce. I’m just flat out of patience. Good trade overall.

Trade Notes: $RGLS -2/17/2016



8:29AM – Started in pre on pop back to $9.00

Small size just starter, conference call going on. Will only add to winner in pre.

8:58AM – Holding $9 pretty well no adds in pre. Willing to let it bang around in pre, but will be quick after the open.

9:05AM – Pull to $8.60’s but now bounced to $9.00, again no adds in pre.

9:14AM – Acting stronger, looks to spike at the open.

9:15AM -Somewhat postive tweet from AdamF.

9:30AM – Set closing order at $8.50 in case of quick pull.

9:31AM – Covered, looks to keep fading hard, oh well low stress trade.







Trade Notes for 8-13-2015

9:14 AM $EBIO Target @ $6.00, $OHGI $3.00, $SA pop’s over $6.00, $HALO $21, $NVAX $14.50, $SUNE $15+

9:28 AM Moved $EBIO to $6.50, let it set a top

9:32 AM SS $EBIO @ 6.00 too early. Just trying to get feel stop at $6.50 covered $5.75 nice early trade

9:34 AM $HALO taRGET $20.75

9:37 AM Starter on $SUNE @ $15.21

9:41 AM Good quick trades on $EBIO and $SUNE, scalps but its the first 10 minutes good starts

9:43 AM Probably missed $NYMX moving target to pops – $3.10

10:00 AM Start on $SUNE @ $5.75 waited for my move stills strong, will wait of exhausting to add. Stop at HOD

10:14 AM $HALO @ $20.60 watching for entry, not much volume though.

10:15 AM $NVAX watching $13.80

10:23 AM This is where I should add to $SUNE @ $15.90 out of steam

10:26 AM Should be long $CAPN starter based on IL warning with stop @ $3.20- (Aug 13-10:22) InvestorsLive: CAPN DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE

10:27 AM SS Starter $NVAX @ $13.90

10:31 AM Should be starting $SA here @ $6 on $NUGT fade

11:06 AM $NVAX will look to add under $14.00

11:38 AM Covered $SUNE, this goes much lower, but held for so long. Just bored. Should have added and held more aggressively.

11:46 AM $NVAX Stop at HOD, getting annoying.

11:52 AM Starter on $HALO to thin, but hit my target, trying to have conviction.

1:11 PM $FIT ABCD at $42.80 good support at $42.50

1:42 PM Add to $HALO, seems to have put in top, annoying grinding, but want out by EOD. STOP at $21.30’s

1:42 PM Terrible, terrible, miss on $SA easy layup play

Trade Notes for 8-12-2015

9:11 AM Set targets on main watches, $HALO, $NVAX, $SUNE, $SA

9:34 AM Missed $SUNE short on breakdown at $13.20

9:35 AM Starter on $SUNE @ $13.49 Give room to $14. Scalp

9:36 AM Cover @ $13.27

9:40 AM Poor incomplete plan on $SUNE, no contingency if it worked

9:45 AM $SA lost focus, had my target but got distracted.

10:09 AM SS $HALO start @ $20.50 be patient add up to $21.00 Target LOD’s

(Aug 12-10:37) InvestorsLive: started s/s SA based off NUGT if it holds will move away just start 640s guide nothing to fight

2:01 PM SS $NVAX starter on late day grind. Stop $13.80

2:03 PM SS $SUNE starter fading, bad news. Stop $14.50

2:37 PM Decent cover on $NVAX, like the chart, but supposedly appearing on Fast Money

2:59 PM Covered $SUNE 50/50 either way, market is booming and solars are up.

2:59 PM Ugly miss on $SA, stick to plan

$VGGL – Trade Notes – 5-12-2015

Type of Trade: Fading POS

Initial Entry: $3.61

Plan: Cover into any cracks, not feeling this at this price. Stop at $3.70

Entry Notes: Feel like I’m chasing.


Add Notes:


Partial Exit: 1/2 @ $3.43 Covered into a crack per plan, trying to hold remainder for a while.

Final Exit: $3.50

Closing Notes: I’ll regret this cover, but I’m hungry as hell and feel like I chased my entry and probably lucky to get what I got.

P/L: $680.10

$GEVO – Trade Notes – 5-12-2015

Type of Trade: POS Rising from the dead.

Initial Entry: $5.00

Plan: Stop will be flexible, would like to swing this, I have smaller size. Think this fades for a while

Entry Notes: Waited for entry at $5.


Add Notes:


Partial Exit: $4.62

Final Exit: $4.64

Closing Notes: Shitty exit, but I did not expect a pull like that this quick, I’m betting this goes red and turns into death, but almost $500 in a few minutes and easy low stress I’ll take it.

P/L: +$496.09

$VGGL – Trade Notes – 5-11-2015

Type of Trade: Shitty stock that pops and always fails.

Initial Entry: $4.00

Plan: Quote/unquote “accidental” trade. I didn’t think it would get to $4 so fast so I had an order sitting there. Considering the time of day I think this still has much more room to run, I’ll wait for $4.25-$4.50

Entry Notes:


Add Notes:


Partial Exit:

Final Exit: $3.88

Closing Notes: Shitty small profit, but considering I did not want to enter this early, this was smart. I’ll call this a good trade considering the circumstances.

P/L: +$120.00

$YELP – Trade Notes – 5-11-2015

$YELP fast profit but covered to quick.

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Type of Trade: Fade

Initial Entry: $49.05

Plan: Fade all day.

Entry Notes: Looked weak so I entered, though it was a chase.


Add Notes:


Partial Exit:

Final Exit: $48.77

Closing Notes: Shitty trade, covered way to quickly I need to get better at managing trades when they go my way quickly. When I get a quick drop I so often ditch the plan and cover to fast. Sure its profits, but just like $CALA Friday I left way too much on the table.

P/L: +$280.00