Watchlist for 8-26-2015 – $SIXD, $OMER, $SUNE, $ACI,

Today’s Plan:

Scan’s continue to be a challenge because of the wackiness of the market jumping around. I leave early in the morning for Colorado to hunt Mule deer so I’m not going to get to aggressive today. If I spot a layup I’ll take it, but otherwise I’m not going to ruin a solid 2 week run with aggressiveness. I have plenty to do to get ready for the trip so I’ll chill and set alerts. If tickers come to me I’ll trade them, but ONLY at my price.

$ESI I'll take it, considering I got like ZERO solid trade ideas right now.

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Solid day yesterday on $ESI though I should have been more aggressive. But I had a plan and stuck to it, just never got the pop’s I wanted to size in.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Churning and Burning: Two Mornings in August – Make sure to follow @peterkto GREAT blog posts!

Why did he have to tell me how much everyone made? Doesn’t he know it crushes my self-esteem? I never want to look at what other traders make. It bothers me way too much. All you twats on Twitter who respond to PnL screenshots and say it’s inspiring… fuck you guys! Do you all piss rainbows and unicorns too? Where do you get your goddamn positive attitude from? I look at that stuff and I just feel small and insecure. I feel so low that I contemplating quitting forever and then maybe live in some cheap asian country. You know that quote about how people hate seeing in others what they don’t see in themselves? It’s one of those bullshit pictures on Facebook that people post… it’s kinda true about me. That’s me when I see results I can’t reach. I hate myself. I hate how afraid and gutless I am.

Source: Churning and Burning: Two Mornings in August

Watchlist for 8-25-2015 – $SPY, $VXX,

Today’s Plan:

A good day though nothing stellar, but I followed my plan exactly. I didn’t put a trade on till about 11:45, call me a wuss but I thought it best to just sit the morning out. I’m short biased and could feel myself believing all the doom and gloom. I had a distinct feeling that if I chased short shit would bounce. And hmm what happened? Shorted $SUNE, but never got any good add’s. I traded that because I think long term its toast. Probably got lucky more than anything with the late day market slide.

Curious about today, at this point it looks like a “buy everything” type day. So I may have no trades..

$SUNE Freaking SSR kept cock blocking me on add's. But oh well easy profits on a crazy day.

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Update: Yep its pointless doing a watchlist pre market today, I scan based on the previous day and 90% of the tickers coming up are ETF’s and NONE of them are anywhere near where they were yesterday. I’ll build my watches and plans all based on premarket action from 8:00-9:15.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Watchlist for 8-24-2015 – $SPY, $VXX

Today’s Plan:

Good day Friday and solid week last week. After running some scan’s I’ve decided I won’t trade till noon and maybe not even then. There is no real reason for this, I just feel like with the craziness overnight and premarket if I get biased in a direction I’ll get faked out.

I’ll give it till noon to pick a direction, until then I’ll be plugged in and watching and writing down ideas, but not trading.

A couple times this morning I thought about trading some VIX ETF’s, when those thoughts start happening I know it’s time to bench myself…

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

The Daily Trading Coach – Lesson 2 – Psychological visibility and your relationship with your trading coach

Link to purchase “The Daily Trading Coach, by Brett N. Steenbarger” on


the vision that, in cultivating our trading, we develop ourselves in ways that ripple throughout our lives.

I’ve often thought of making trading a tool for self improvement and kaizen. But too often I’ve focused on the negative. You need to get better at this shitty habit, or this crappy thing you do wrong in trading all the time. This is the first lesson of many in this book that focuses on working on your strengths instead of your weaknesses.

Set a positive goal, based on strengths, to keep you in touch with the best within you.

Sure you can’t ignore or avoid the things you do wrong, but I seem to have a particular disposition for negative self talk. I think I’m very positive in my speech to others especially those looking to improve. But in dealing with myself all trading day I’m saying stuff like, “Shitty entry dumbass, you should have waited.” Instead of telling myself, “Ok you might have been a little early, but you have good size in this trade, be patient and add to a winner, or cut for a small loss. You were smart and went in small as a feeler.”

Trading goals should reflect trading strengths.

Today my goal is to focus on what I do well, finding solid risk to reward setups, and smart scaling in. Then I’ll work on my biggest flaw, scaling into a winner and holding for bigger rewards.

Watchlist for 8-21-2015 – $CLTX, $OMER, $ACI, $SUNE, $S, $LXRX

Today’s Plan:

Going to be very “chill” today, and focus on REALLY be paitient on entries. I’m short biased like usual but literally “EVERYBODY” is calling for some sort of market crash. So I say shit bounces and probably closes big green today. Of course WTF do I know about macro stuff? If you’re curious, its absolute jack shit.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Target: All the above tickers are dead meat, looking for pops, especially if market stays weak.

Bruce Lee Doesn’t Care If You Die If You Don’t Do This One Thing

Written by someone being trained by Bruce Lee:

“Bruce had me up to three miles a day, really at a good pace. We’d run the three miles in twenty-one or twenty-tow minutes. Just under eight minutes a mile [Note: when running on his own in 1968, Lee would get his time down to six-and-a-half minutes per mile].

So this morning he said to me “We’re going to go five.”

I said, “Bruce, I can’t go five. I’m a helluva lot older than you are, and I can’t do five.”

He said, “When we get to three, we’ll shift gears and it’s only two more and you’ll do it.”

I said “Okay, hell, I’ll go for it.”

So we get to three, we go into the fourth mile and I’m okay for three or four minutes, and then I really begin to give out.

I’m tired, my heart’s pounding, I can’t go any more and so I say to him, “Bruce if I run any more,” — and we’re still running — “if I run any more I’m liable to have a heart attack and die.”

He said, “Then die.” It made me so mad that I went the full five miles.

Afterward I went to the shower and then I wanted to talk to him about it.

I said, you know, “Why did you say that?”

He said, “Because you might as well be dead. Seriously, if you always put limits on what you can do, physical or anything else, it’ll spread over into the rest of your life. It’ll spread into your work, into your morality, into your entire being. There are no limits. There are plateaus, but you must not stay there, you must go beyond them. If it kills you, it kills you. A man must constantly exceed his level.”

If You Don’t Do This One Thing

The Pros and Cons of College via @jaltucher


  • Study many things. Study things you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy anything, work on a charity or travel the world (yes, this costs money but it’s cheaper than college).
  • Work at a job. If you want to be a doctor, work at a hospital and see if you really enjoy it.
  • Read every day. Five pages a day.
  • Learn these skills that are critical in every aspect of life but are never taught in college:

a. Sales

b. Negotiating

c. Well-being / Positive psychology

d. Failure

e. Communication

Source: The Pros and Cons of College

Watchlist for 8-20-2015 – $CLTX, $PTN, $AVXL, $CRBP, $OMER, $S, $WNDW, $OHGI

Today’s Plan:

Annoying non trade yesterday, as mentioned in the tweet above I had the right ideas, just missed on executions, but oh well. I’d rather have no trades vs chase entries and have losers. Of course that being said I could have shorted $OMER about anywhere yesterday and made money and since $CLTX is going to $6 in pre market I could have bought it anywhere and made money.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Celsus Therapeutics Plc (CLTX) -NasdaqCM

I refuse to get steamrolled on this, I’d rather miss. After being long biased yesterday and annoyed at the miss, the only trade for me on this is a late day fade. Ideally it runs to some crazy number, then 1-2PM starts to fade.

Target: Late day fade


Palatin Technologies Inc. (PTN) -NYSE MKT

Thought about the long on “female viagra” news, but this seems kind of lame. Will watch for more volume and look to gain strength.

Target: $1.40’s-$1.50’s new highs with volume


Anavex Life Sciences Corp. (AVXL) -Other OTC

Glad I have yet to trade this, but getting annoying still having it on watch, waiting for a big move to short instead of grinding.

Target: Para type move


Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings, Inc. (CRBP) -NasdaqCM

Probably dead, but will watch for pops to short.

Target: Pops to high $2’s


Omeros Corporation (OMER) -NasdaqGM

Trying not to fixate on this, but watching pops.

Target: $23’s


Sprint Corporation (S) -NYSE

Had a trigger at $5 and it never went off, I think this literally topped at $4.99 but watching for small pops under $5 to start entry.

Target: $5


SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. (WNDW) -Other OTC

POS OTC stock.

Target: Big up move, para type.


One Horizon Group, Inc. (OHGI) -NasdaqCM

Up a little pre market, hoping for much higher.

Target: Higher the better, $2.50-$3.00


The Daily Trading Coach – Lesson 1 – Draw on emotion to become a change agent

Link to purchase “The Daily Trading Coach, by Brett N. Steenbarger” on


For some of us, the status quo is not enough. We experience glimpses into the person we’re capable of being; we yearn to be more than we are in life’s mundane moments.

The core idea of this chapter is you have to NEED not just want change in your trading. Trading is a never ending process and if you don’t have a desperate urge to get better you will stay the same or worse falter back. Brett points out a concept I’ve often been suckered into, the idea of “inducing change” I’ve read hundreds if not thousands of self help and trading books that get you started on change but never enforce sustaining it.

The enemy of change is relapse: falling back into old, unproductive ways of thinking and behaving. Without the momentum of emotion, relapse is the norm.

The first half of the chapter covers committing emotionally to change, the second focuses on visualization of change. You need to focus on a goal, not necessarily a profit goal, but a goal of becoming better in some aspect of the process and then visualize that happening. Sure it sounds a little foo foo, but I’ve found when I’m tempted to chase a position if I stop and think about how this trade will go, and how frustrated I will be if I chase and take a loss. It helps me stop and reflect and not enter a poor trade. I move my entry and wait for it to come to me.

It is important not just to have goals, but also to directly experience yourself as capable of reaching those goals. Psychologists call that self-efficacy.

My goal for today and application of this chapter is to redouble my efforts and focus on entry. I will be patient and let the trade come to my target and not give a shit about FOMO.