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Reviving Blue Collar Work: 5 Benefits of Working in the Skilled Trades | The Art of Manliness

One of the points that Mike Rowe hammers home in his book, Profoundly Disconnected, is that Americans are disconnected from the things that keep our lives and society running on a daily basis (hence the title of the book). Without the trades, our society would literally crumble. Roads/bridges would go into disrepair. Cars would break down and not be fixed, and new cars wouldn’t be made to replace them. Our electrical grid would shut down and we’d lose power. Plumbing would break down or back up, and we’d all be swimming in our own waste. Not a pretty picture, is it? It may seem sort of dystopian, but in fact our infrastructure is falling apart before our eyes. The American Society of Civil Engineers rates it as a D+. 60 Minutes, just this week, did a feature on America’s crumbling infrastructure. This is an incredibly salient issue. Without more skilled tradesmen, it will only get worse.

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Watchlist 11-25-2014 – $AEMD, $GERN, $ECSL, Bodycam Plays $DGLY, $VII, $ISNS,

Today’s Plan:

Traded super safe but profitable yesterday, was way to conservative on holding shorts and not entering. Skittish because of the holiday, and as we get closer and closer to the holiday sessions I will continue to be very safe on the short side. But missed some easy fades yesterday. Body cam plays will be in play today, all of these are so low float that I gotta think they are all easy buys to then sell into spikes. But not my style. Will look to trade them but with small size since it is not my best strategy.

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TraderFeed: Turning Your Best Practices Into Best Processes via @steenbab

When we string together a number of best practices, we arrive at best processes.  My best process for market preparation includes starting the day with exercise; eating lightly; updating markets for those backtested relationships; planning criteria for entries and exits; and writing down my game plan for the trading session.  I have learned that each of these best practices is associated with my best trading.  Combining them into a process creates a preparation routine:  I am turning best practices into ongoing work habits.

via TraderFeed: Turning Your Best Practices Into Best Processes.

Watchlist – 11-24-2014 – $CANF, $GERN, $AAL, $ECSL

Today’s Plan:

Short but good list, will be looking to afternoon fade pretty much all of these, or I’ll go short into a crazy parabolic move this morning. Considering its Thanksgiving week I’ll be looking for momo stocks to buy. I won’t get to crazy since I hate going long, but this is one of these weeks that stories catch on and big spikes happen.

Today’s Watchlist:

Watchlist 11-12-2014 – $UEC, $URRE, $JRJC, $OREX, $EKSO

Today’s Plan:

While I despise holding stocks overnight I have $UEC and $EKSO short. Both look to be setting up pretty nicely. I’ll admit with two positions to manage I’m a little distracted building a watchlist. But other than $JRJC nothing else really jumps out. Ideally I’ll be out of $UEC and $EKSO pretty quickly then I can transition to digging for post open late day fades.

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