Monthly Archives: October 2014

Trade Log – Covered $NQ

Exit: High $7.20’s

P/L: +$500ish


Covered half into the crack then the other half when it looked like it didnt want to crack $7. I call this an OK trade, made the best out of a mediocre setup and BEST OF ALL, traded my plan.

Trade Entry:

BOT 1000 NQ, Stock, SMART, USD 7.129 SMART(USD) 12:47:27 (GMT -4:00) 2073880972 new
BOT 1000 NQ, Stock, SMART, USD 7.43 SMART(USD) 12:00:25 (GMT -4:00) 2073880930

Trade Log – Covered $UNIS

Exit: $3.86

P/L: -$20


Following my plan of not holding over the weekend, waited for it to crack LOD, but once it didnt I gave up. Annoying to hold for days and get out basically scratch. But I’ve devoted enough time to this illiquid bitch. I’ll almost guarantee now that I’ve covered the offering will be Monday morning.

Watchlist 10-29-2014 – $UNIS, $INFU, $CLF, $CARA, $SOPW

Trade Plan:

Wow, slowest day on the scans in a looong time. Not really seeing anything that interesting. Not a ton moving pre market either. Yesterday looked so crappy I took most of the day off, but looks like today will be a wait and see type day. I’m sure there will be opportunities once the day starts, but I’m really fishing to find anything right now.