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It’s extremely easy to hit the snooze button or lay in bed an extra few minutes too long, but that’s not likely to be remedied by just convincing yourself that tomorrow will be different. Staying in bed is a symptom of the system as a whole; a byproduct. By changing that system so that it was no longer easy to stay in bed or hit the snooze alarm, it became a non-issue.

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An inspirational message to the Haters of America | The Matt Walsh Blog

It is this attitude that I detest. I hate it. I don’t hate you — I hate your attitude. I hate the attitude that leads a person to try and diminish the blood, sweat and tears of the strivers and achievers in our society. I hate the attitude that hates success. To scoff at another’s triumph is about the most anti-American thing you can ever do. You might as well decapitate a Bald Eagle while burning the flag and kissing the Communist Manifesto, because you have officially become the most un-American creature in the galaxy. You are standing on the sidelines and spitting on the people crossing the finish line, and I can’t think of a more detestable hobby than that.

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11 Life-Changing Questions You Must Ask Yourself |

8. Do I spend money instead of time?

Maybe you buy your kids “stuff” because you feel guilty for being away so much, or missing events, or being distracted most of the time. Maybe you buy your significant other “stuff” when you feel guilty about not paying enough attention or showing, by word and action, that you care.

Or maybe you spend money on productivity tools instead of putting in the time to change inefficient work habits. Or maybe you buy expensive fitness equipment and trendy workout gear instead of just sucking it up and working out more.

Money never produces the same results as time. Expensive clothes can’t get you in shape; productivity apps can’t make you more efficient; a new tablet can’t transform your business life.

Money can change some things, temporarily. Time can change anything, forever.

And don’t forget: Your kids will soon forget the video game you bought them but they’ll never forget the afternoon you spent together.

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I vow to NEVER go long another stock in my life! – $ALTI, $FU, $KNDI, $KUTV, $MTSL

Short selling may be difficult to grasp, but once you have the basics, buying stocks just seems idiotic. When I think of the mental energy I have wasted looking for buys and then HOPING they will go up, compared to the ease of scanning for shitty stocks up big, and then waiting for mid to late day fading to enter. I want to punch myself in the face for wasting that time.

After a day like today I am fueled with energy at the prospects of transitioning into a full time short seller. The potential seems unlimited at times!


James Altucher: Quit Your Job. Now. | The New York Observer

1. Your boss hates you.

In order for him to please the boss who hates him, your boss has to squeeze more profits from you. His competitors are already getting more profits by firing employees. So he has to either pay you less or get more work out of you for the same pay. Good luck surviving either of those trends.

2. The middle class is dead.

For the past 20 years, incomes have risen slower than inflation, which means the food, gas and housing you buy consume a greater percentage of your income than they did 20 years ago. This is why household debt is near all-time highs. You have to borrow to live.

Your job pays you enough to live, but that’s it. But soon your job won’t pay you enough to live. This trend is not going to end because of the next reason.

3. Your job is being outsourced to people who are killing themselves.

We don’t know the exact number, because this isn’t the sort of thing you see in the instruction manual for your iPhone. But at least 2 dozen Foxconn employees have killed themselves in the past three years while on the job assembling Apple products.

Why is Apple outsourcing to a Chinese company where a huge percentage is miserable to the point of taking their own lives rather than making your iPhone in the U.S.? I want to be able to say something snarky like, “because they can,” but that’s not it.

It’s because they have to. Profits are being squeezed in a global economy. So first companies fire their full-time employees and outsource to temps. Then they outsource outside of the country. Then eventually they outsource to robots. Robots sing in unison on the assembly line; the song is “Suicide Is Painless”

4. It’s not about the money.

I hold a Q&A session on Twitter every Thursday afternoon. I’m often asked, “Should I leave the job I love for the job with more money?”

The answer is “no.” We all know this: When you make more money, you spend more money. Even a $20,000 raise is only $12,000 after taxes, which is only $1,000-per-month additional money, and that will go into a slightly bigger apartment, a slightly nicer car, maybe one more day of vacation, and then it’s gone.

None of that buys happiness compared with doing work you actually love.

5. A job won’t make you rich.

Unless you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, you’ll never generate real wealth from your job. A company only pays you enough to keep you on a leash—not so little that you leave and not so much so that you can escape.

In other words, you have to start a company. Or create a piece of art. Or provide some value that you can sell later on for a larger piece of the pie. We live in a $15 trillion economy, but most of us let the top 1 percent keep that $15 trillion. If we reach for it, we’re entitled for our piece. But it’s difficult, and we’re afraid.

6. I can’t just quit. I have bills to pay!

I agree with this. It’s hard to do. It has to happen in baby steps. Many people ask me, “Should I raise money, or should I just jump into a new company and see what happens.” The answer is “no” to both. You have to do it slowly. Find alternative streams of income while you are at your current job.

Explore services you can offer other companies. Be creative. Write down 10 ideas per day of things you can do to generate more income. This helps exercise an atrophied idea muscle.

This is not corny self-help. This is what I did when I was neck-deep in debt and struggling at a job. Eventually, I had a good idea. Eventually, I had two good ideas. And finally, I was able to make the jump.

I don’t care how you do it: consulting, starting a small business, doing some services for multiple businesses, writing books. You have to do it. You will feel better, look better, be more relaxed. I’ve seen it a thousand times.

Your hands have not evolved over 3 million years to type out memos. Or put paper through fax machines. Or hold a phone up while you talk to people you dislike. 100 years from now, your hands will rot like dust in your grave. You have to make wonderful use of those hands now. Kiss your hands so they can make magic.

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Bolded sections are by me. And almost EXACTLY  match my opinion. I’m just not smart enough to put it the way James does.



One time the Federal Government Shutdown came into an apartment I was sharing with a bunch of roommates. It tied us all up and blindfolded us and made us do things to each other. It made us call it “Ted” but I don’t really know if that was its name.

Another time I was riding my bike home from school and the Federal Government Shutdown blocked my way. I turned around but the Federal Government Shutdown was also on the the other side.

It took my Schwinn bike, tied me up, and made me do things to myself.

Those are the primary things you NEED to know about the Federal Government Shutdown. I should explain what I don’t know about the government shutdown.

I have no idea what they were debating that led to the shutdown. Nobody does. It’s a conspiracy!

I don’t know.

I also don’t know anything else about the Federal Government Shutdown because there is absolutely NOTHING that affects the lives of anyone I know.

FACT: It’s important to know that the government pays it’s debts during a budget shutdown. Most people don’t seem to get this.

But the government has to pay it’s debts, even if it means taking a blind janitor who has amazing super hearing and putting him to use at a copy machine that’s hidden in the secret 6th sub-level beneath Goldman Sachs offices to print up enough money to get it done.

I have no idea what Obama has said about the government shutdown or what any Senator or Congressman has said or what happens to government jobs or Obamacare or anything else. I have zero clue.

Because it’s not interesting and adds nothing to my life.

You may have hear this phrase commonly used on TV between smart people: “What will happen with the federal government shutdown?” Is Obama going to have to start a meth lab to pay the government’s bills?

Except it’s not anywhere near as interesting as Breaking Bad. I highly recommend people watch back-seasons of Breaking Bad. Ever since its ended so the newspapers needed something new to talk about.

Or watch Arrested Development (A+ for the episode where Jason Bateman falls for a character played by his sister Justine Bateman).

Here’s what you need to know:

Eventually the government shutdown will end with absolutely no result or consequences.

And during the government shutdown, the US will kill less people, which is a good thing. We’ll get back to killing people once the drones have enough money to fill up their gas tanks again.

The newspapers that predicted panic won’t apologize. They’ll just go onto the next panic. They have to or else they will run out of money. There will be a Federal Newspaper Shutdown.

I have no idea what the fiction writers at the top newspapers will come up with then.

Something truly horrible.

Whatever it is, it will try to get in your room. It will wear a ski mask. It will make the air turn poisonous. It will seize the money from your bank account. It will make brother on brother do things to each other. It might make Claudia beat me in ping pong.

I hope this time everyone is ready for it.

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