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Many of us choose mediocrity without even realizing it. We think we “have” to do things or “aren’t able” to do what we want. We create rules and experience fear when we dream of a life we love. Why do we do this? Because our society encourages mediocrity. It is easier to be mediocre than to be great.

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Taco Bell Doritos Locos Taco Lightning Review: Love and Vomit (Updated)

Maybe the most disgusting thing I have ever seen.


Update: A couple hours after my initial binge-testing, I had to leave work early in order to throw up everywhere and curl up in bed. I now have moderate stomach cramps, which I’m hoping to mitigate with some sort of seltzer/bleach mixture. I think it’s safe to say that eight tacos is too many tacos—stick with a smaller serving.

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$HNR – UPDATE 2-Venezuela says OPEC may hold extraordinary meeting | Reuters

I don’t understand how to speak “press release” but this is bad for $HNR right? The fact that this guy is saying “Who are these clowns saying we bought their assets?”

Or am I too dumb to interpret this kind of “shithead speak”.


He also said the government had not received any word from Harvest Natural Resources Inc, which announced last week that it had agreed to sell its operations in Venezuela for $725 million to Pertamina, Indonesia’s national oil company.

“I have not received any communication with the formal request for a sale. They must send it. We are ready to work with everyone,” the minister said.

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Watchlist – 6-29-2012 – $ARNA, $HNR, $KWK,

Well considering I’ve hacked and slashed my way through this week with nothing significant to speak of trading wise. I”m gonna wrap this watch list up with not much effort. Funny how I came into the week with such high hopes and tons of motivation, then rapidly gave up all will to trade. Nothing to do with losses, I’m still up on the one actual trade I made this week, but so many missed solid opportunities made it very frustrating to bring up a quote box and see all that happened without me being involved.

Besides the fact that the day job has been over the top busy and stressful this week. It only made trying to trade doubly frustrating. But alas, I have no desire to trade full time and missed opportunities and the inability to trade at times are part of being a part timer. Trading is truly a roller coaster, enjoy it when its good and ride it out when its bad. These week is currently being rode the fuck out…

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Ooooh baby look at those two BEAUTIFUL shorting opportunities….



Watchlist – 6-28-2012 – $ENTR, $HNR, $HZNP, $OSIR

Well a complete debacle of trading yesterday…. I allowed myself to get squeezed on $HNR which was completely idiotic. Then as soon as their conference started the stock completely fell apart and dropped a dollar in minutes! Did I cover for a nice profit? NO! I could not find my keycard to login to $IBKR, so I was forced to franticly run around trying to find it, by the time I did the stock was roughly back to where I originally shorted it. So I decided to just ride it out another day. There were three decisions made in that process and ALL THREE of them were bad… I need to get out of this stock as fast as possible today, it is just not for me.

Glad to see that $ARNA can finally be completely pulled off my list, they received approval for their fat loss pill, which I highly doubt works and probably makes people crazier then bath salts, but anyway its approved I can move on to other stocks. Still pretty bummed I did not trade it ONCE over the last couple weeks.

I had high hopes for this week trading wise, but we are rapidly approaching the end of the week, and not much to brag about. But I’ve said it a million times, one of the greatest attributes of the stock market is there is always another day with another batch of new opportunities.

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Watchlist – 6-27-2012 – $CYTR, $HNR, $HZNP, $LSCG

Blegh, I’m tired of posting the same old stocks ($ARNA, $OSIR) so going with something else today. These picks are ok, but doubt I’ll trade them. After the day I had yesterday at my day job, I doubt I’ll trade anything today other then hopefully close out this shitty short on $HNR. I had good intentions of trading more actively this week, but the way things are going for me now it appears, I may trade even less then the three plays I made last week. Oh well.

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Mark Cuban: High-Frequency Traders Are the Ultimate Hackers – MarketBeat – WSJ

While I could care less about HFT,  Cuban does make several valid points, especially if you are a old man diaper wearing Buffett follower, who cares about spread’s and liquidity. HFT “lubing” the markets does not help the buy and hope “investor.”

Thank goodness I trade in the shitty part of town (pennystocks) and HFT’s could care less about turdball stocks that trade a few hundred thousand or couple million shares a day.


MC: That’s a bogus argument. By definition they can’t go into an equity unless there already is liquidity. To say they’re adding liquidity is like saying spitting in a thunderstorm is adding liquidity.

As far as narrowing spreads, that’s absolutely true, but in absolute terms what does it translate into? For the individual investor it might save them a quarter a month. So what? Relative to the risk that’s the worst tradeoff in the history of tradeoffs

And the argument is horrible for another reason. If you’re an investor you shouldn’t care if the spread widened by a penny, nickel dime or quarter. If you’re anything but a trader the change is of no impact to whether or not the company will be successful and create returns for investors. In fact, that anyone even considers this a valid argument is a red flag that the exchanges are more interested in traders than investors.

WSJ: What’s the solution? There have been some calls for a transaction tax recently for instance.

MC: Public companies need to figure out what business the exchanges are in. Is the market supposed to be a platform for companies to raise money for growth and to create liquidity and opportunity for shareholders as it has been in the past? Or is the stock market a laissez-faire platform that evolves however it evolves? The missing link in all the discussions is: What is the purpose of the stock market?

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Watchlist – 6-26-2012 – $ARNA, $HNR, $OSIR, $SNTA,

I continue to be haunted by what could have been with $ARNA, after watching it all last week I failed to trade it in any way. Alas thats part of being a part timer I suppose, but truly heart breaking to see it break down without me along for the ride. Stil watching $OSIR and $SNTA closely for a short, should have probably went long both of them already. While they are both crappy in their own right, I don’t think either will end up being as nice and easy of a short as $ARNA was/is. Not to mention shorts are hard to come by on $OSIR, I know they are out there, but my broker ($IBKR) has not had any, or if they have had them, they are all soaked up every time I check.

I went short $HNR late yesterday, gee guess why? Perhaps out of boredom? Hmm why else go short a NYSE stock that just got $700 million? I mean, I like the fading volume/price on the chart, but this stock could easily go no where for a looong time, meanwhile I’m wasting mental energy staring at it, cursing for it to fall apart. Considering I will be very busy and AFK a lot today, I’m just hoping for a quick drop that I can scalp. I have my alerts set and will be anxiously awaiting that SMS.

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The Three Most Important Medicines

In regards to dosages, it seems like everyone respects medicine, right? Wrong. To me, exercise, food, and sleep are the three most important medicines for the body.  In fact, I believe that if we took the correct dosages of these medicines, we probably wouldn’t need most of the prescribed medicines that are consumed daily in the first place!  But, alas, most people just can’t seem to get the dose right.  We fill our plates with too much of the wrong things and overdose on food.  We can’t turn our television, computer or stress off and underdose on sleep.

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