YCRFS 9: Kill Hollywood

Hollywood appears to have peaked. If it were an ordinary industry film cameras, say, or typewriters, it could look forward to a couple decades of peaceful decline. But this is not an ordinary industry. The people who run it are so mean and so politically connected that they could do a lot of damage to civil liberties and the world economy on the way down. It would therefore be a good thing if competitors hastened their demise.

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Training Log – 1/16/2012 – Hero Workout Phase 2 – Workout 1

Weight Training:

1A – Bench Press – 4×8 – 135lbs, 185lbs, 205lbs, 225lbs

2A – Pull Up – 4×5
2B – DB Split Jerk – 3×10 – 35lb DB’s

3A – Single Arm DB Lateral Raise – 3×8 – 35lbs
3B – TRX Face Pull – 3×8

4A – Medicine Ball Clench Push Up – 3×10
4B – Barbell Curl – 3×12 – 95lbs

5A – Crossover Mountain Climbers – 3×40
5B – Burpees – 3×8


Longer session then I normally do, but really fun, lots of cool different exercises.


“YOU are responsible for yourself. For what you do. For who you are. For the way you face the world and deal with it.” – Ryan Murdock

Seth’s Blog: Your voice will give you away

Agreed, its so annoying listening to a speaker just read the slides. Give me the slide deck and let me get the hell out of here if thats all the commitment your going to put in!



Your voice will give you away

It’s extremely difficult to read a speech and sound as if you mean it.

For most of us, when reading, posture changes, the throat tightens and people can tell. Reading is different from speaking, and a different sort of attention is paid.

Before you give a speech, then, you must do one of two things if your goal is to persuade:

Learn to read the same way you speak (unlikely)

or, learn to speak without reading. Learn your message well enough that you can communicate it without reading it. We want your humanity.

If you can’t do that, don’t bother giving a speech. Just send everyone a memo and save time and stress for all concerned.

via Seth’s Blog: Your voice will give you away.

Cardio 1/9/2012

How To Burn Fat, Get Ripped, and Hate Your Life

Courtesy of Nate Greene

  1. Start the treadmill and walk slowly for 2 minutes.
  2. Increase the treadmill speed to 8.5 mph and the incline to 12% while standing on the sides of the treadmill.
  3. As soon as it’s up to speed, sprint for 20 seconds.
  4. At the end of the 20 seconds, jump back on the side of the belt and rest for 10 seconds. (Grab the handrails. Trust me.)
  5. Repeat 10 times.
  6. Drop the speed and the incline and walk slowly for another 2 minutes.

Training Log – 1/9/2012

Weight Training:

1A – Chin Ups – 4×8

2A – Incline DB Press – 4×8
2B – Single Arm DB Row – 4×8

3A – Standing Barbell Press – 4×8
3B – DB Pull Over – 4×10

4A – Renegade Row – 3×12
4B – Barbell Curl – 3×12


Very solid session, felt good and fun exercises.


“Don’t be afraid to do what you want, not what others want you to do.” – Jim Wendler

Training Log – 1/2/2012

Weight Training:

1A -Squats- 4×8

2A – Dumbbell RDL – 4×8
2B – GHR – 4×10

3A – Reverse Bodyweight Lunge – 4×8
3B – SB Plank – 4×60 Seconds


Jump Rope – 5×60 Seconds / 30 Seconds Rest


SOOOO glad to be back on the early morning schedule. Very solid workout and felt so much better then last weeks evening sessions.


“There is an immense advantage in rising early, on account of the great saving, or rather gaining, of time, which it produces.” – Ben Franklin