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Workout Log – 10/26/2010 – Full on Meathead

  • 1A – Close Grip Bench Press – 3×8
  • 1B – Chin Ups – 3×5
  • 2A – EZ Bar Curl – 4×8
  • 2B – Lying EZ Bar Triceps Extension – 4×12
  • Finisher: 12 – 50 Yard Sprints


SCREWWWWW afternoon workouts, I’ll never bother with that shit again. Two worst weeks of workouts I’ve had in 12 years.. But in the end glad I did it just to remind myself how much I love getting up early and hitting the weights.

I guess its good to try different stuff from time to time, but I’ll never go back to that again. Just too much going on that is mentally distracting in the afternoons.

Really killer energy this morning, tore through the weights and felt better on the last sprint then I did on the first!

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Book Review: Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation – Steven Johnson

Exceptional book on the creation and cultivation of ideas and innovation. Really enjoyed the brevity more then anything! I frequently complain about the constant need to push the 300 page mark in business books. This concise book clocks in at a very efficient just over 200 pages. I was able to read it completely in a couple day span and frequently looked forward to picking it back up.

I seem to fall in love with most ideas I read in books and this is no departure. Not sure if I can find anything to disagree about, many of the concepts and techniques described are methods I have used myself. One of the best parts was discovering that I was using ideas that some of the greats had used for many years. Kind of a funny seque since this book is firmly centered on the idea of “standing on the shoulders of giants”.

Not sure if I will now cultivate some great idea, but this book was for sure motivating and exciting to think about both during and after the fact!