Book Review: The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master – Andrew Hunt and David Thomas

I decided to start with this book as a method to build a base towards my July goal of learning Ruby. While this book has no Ruby code in it, it is a great conceptual book about programming. And actually great book for business and personal productivity as well, obviously with a programming slant. If you have no interest in programming the business concepts would be useful, but not terribly effective.

Really an interesting and enjoyable read, hopefully learning a new programming language with a more structured method will be as exciting as the authors of this book make it sound. I think the techniques and concepts preached about and repeated will for sure be very useful, hopefully helping me become a kickass Ruby on Rails developer πŸ™‚

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Book Review: Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose – Tony Hsieh

The very short book reviews continue.

VERY good book on building business’s and specifically startups. Lots of great ideas in the second half especially from a customer service perspective. The first half bored me to a certain extent mainly because of the more or less uninteresting beginnings of some of the author’s business’s and some of his life lessons. While not bad, I just couldn’t get into the history, also a little annoyed by his retelling of night life stories and how they were somehow instrumental in his success.

I think Hsieh has tons of great ideas and is truly innovative, but judging by this book all of those ideas were cultivated in the later part of his career. The initial stages were more about luck.

Not sure if the book deserves all the hype it has received but a quick read and i caught myself writing down several of the ideas in order to implement or tweak them in my own business.

Watchlist 6/26/2010 – Two short setups, neither very good.

Determined to publish a list today even though after the market was beat down all week so there aren’t that many great setups. I don’t think it can do it, but would be nice to see the market start bouncing and bring in some more hype. Meh, probably not till fall.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Looks like they make some sort of “automatic” window tint. Pffttt, good luck with that. SHORT


Biggest potential short, not real fond of the chart, but these oil and gas shit plays have been popping and dropping lately. Looks very sketchy to me, bunch of recent name changes and spinoffs etc. SHORT

Weekly Review 6/21-6/25: LEI, ETRM, LTBR, PBTH, PDO, HAUP – I HATE being a part timer..

Another painful week of non trading, so since I have no trades to recap I thought I would highlight some of the juiciest misses from the last week. Of course I have no idea why or what purpose it serves, perhaps just to keep me from losing my sanity by proving that my strategy works and is very high profit and low risk if proper money management is utilized.

Of course I’m contradicting myself to a certain extent, this recent post detailed all the reasons NOT to trade and now I’m bitching that I should have made 5-10 trades this week. Best I can do to justify this counter argument is to state that by being a part timer you will undoubtedly be confronted with stretches like this. When trades are not falling out of the sky into your lap, but they are indeed available and they will be missed from time to time. This pattern will repeat over and over for any part time trader.

Below is just a random sample of stocks I had on watch last week, yes they are cherry picked to a certain extent, but these are the only trades I considered making.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Looked to short the rollover at $3, it fell almost a full dollar to $2.20 before bouncing.


Would have loooved to short this midweek after a couple red candles. Had it on watch here.


Cripes, does it get any prettier to a short seller?!??!!?


I had this on “long term” short watch from a week or so ago, gee only $2 off its highs and still fading…


Much like PBTH I had planned on scaling into a short position, but never implemented it. Another stock off about $2 a share from where I started adding it to watchlists.


I actually have a witness on this stock, on the day of the big spike I told my business partner. “This POS will be back to a $1.50 in a couple weeks.” It is well on its way.

Its somewhat interesting in a way, I had pretty high hopes about this post and going in, I thought it would be fun to write. Now that its done, it didn’t turn out near as interesting as I had hoped and actually has done nothing but depress me. I’ll post it, only because its done and over with, but reviewing misses its not nearly as interesting as I thought it would be.