5 Great Benefits of Walking Mid-Day and It’s Effects

Walking. It is such a simple activity and something that most of us do regularly each and every day. However, because so many of us are used to walking on a regular basis, so many of us end up taking walking for granted and ignore just how important it is. One of the best ways that you can utilizing walking to your advantage is to start getting up and walking in the middle of the day. 

Walking is so natural for us all. You don’t need to learn a new skill or form of exercise and you don’t need to invest in any tools or expensive equipment. We all know how to walk, which means you can get up, get started and start doing this today.

Here are some of the best benefits that come with taking a midday break to start walking and how they can help change your life for the better. 

1. Walking Can Help You Become More Disciplined 

Chances are we all need to have a little more discipline in our lives. Having more discipline can help you be better at your job, help you actually make it to the gym every day and help you exercise more control in your life. Imagine having the discipline to break bad habits and finally change your life for the better.

If you start being disciplined by walking each and every day at the same time, you won’t only form a great healthy habit, but you can start getting in the habit of being more disciplined. Forcing yourself to be disciplined about something as simple as daily walking can only help breed more discipline in your everyday life.

2.Walking Has Some Great Health Benefits

One of the best things about walking every day in the middle of the day, instead of doing any other relaxing activity, is the health benefits. Walking is one of the simplest, yet most effective forms of exercise out there because it is not only low-impact but because it can have some truly outstanding benefits on your health and well-being.

This includes help with maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Assisting with vascular stiffness, reducing inflammation and helping lower the risk for obesity and diabetes. Plus, since it is an aerobic form of exercise it can help you maintain a healthy weight as well.

3. Walking Can Help Boost Your Creativity

If you have been struggling to come up with some fresh, new ideas for your latest project or plan, then talking a mid-day walk may be just what you are looking for. Walking, even if it is just for a few minutes during the day, can help clear your mind and allow you to refocus so that new, creative ideas can start flowing in.

If you have ever found yourself with writer’s block or overcome with the feelings of being completely stuck on a project, try getting out and walking, you may be surprised to find what your mind stumbles upon.

4. Walking Promotes More Focus

We could all be a little more focused during the day, which is why taking a mid-day walking break is so important. Studies have found that people who get up and do minimal exercise like walking tend to help people become more focused and more productive. The break from sitting at a desk, the endorphins from exercise and the mental clarity that comes with walking can all help you become more focused when you return to work.

Need more proof? The University of Birmingham actually did a study on walking during lunch breaks (a great time for a mid-day walking break) and they found that employees at traditional desk jobs who did this had less tension, more enthusiasm and they were able to handle stress better in the workplace.

5. Walking Gives You More Energy

Research has found that walking for just 15-30 minutes per day can actually act as a huge energy boost, leaving you feeling more refreshed and focused. Next time you think you need a mid-day caffeine boost, try getting up and walking instead. Chances are you will come away with feelings of clean, natural energy that will take you through the rest of your day.

Keep these benefits in mind. All you really need to do is 15-30 minutes of concentrated walking in the middle of the day in order for you to make the most out of this exercise. This little mid-day break is easy, effective and it may end up changing your life for the better. 

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