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8. Do I spend money instead of time?

Maybe you buy your kids “stuff” because you feel guilty for being away so much, or missing events, or being distracted most of the time. Maybe you buy your significant other “stuff” when you feel guilty about not paying enough attention or showing, by word and action, that you care.

Or maybe you spend money on productivity tools instead of putting in the time to change inefficient work habits. Or maybe you buy expensive fitness equipment and trendy workout gear instead of just sucking it up and working out more.

Money never produces the same results as time. Expensive clothes can’t get you in shape; productivity apps can’t make you more efficient; a new tablet can’t transform your business life.

Money can change some things, temporarily. Time can change anything, forever.

And don’t forget: Your kids will soon forget the video game you bought them but they’ll never forget the afternoon you spent together.

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